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Yamaha Celebrates Its HERITAGE During The 65th Anniversary

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~ Yamaha Heritage of products, technologies and racing victories constitute the brand’s spirit of serving the society ~

~ Yamaha also pays tribute to the frontline workers who have enormously contributed towards the society during challenging times ~

Yamaha Motor India (YMI) Group celebrated the 65th anniversary along with the global businesses under the Yamaha Motor Company (YMC) Ltd. with its HERITAGE of unique mobility solutions including two wheelers, ground breaking technologies and racing legacy. The company has planned various online and digital initiatives to recount the brand’s landmark successes of performance and innovation during the “Yamaha Day” celebrated globally on July 1 that could further help the current employees and management to cultivate “The Unique style of Yamaha”.

The brand’s motorcycle division that started in 1955 at Japan with the introduction of YA 1 had gradually rolled out some of the world’s best seller commuters and performance-driven motorcycles along the sidelines of ace technologies like 4 stroke, DOHC 5 valve engine and eventually setting outstanding records of racing championships. YMIG under its brand campaign “The Call of the Blue” has been driving the spirit of this HERITAGE with the help of a unique two-wheeler line up that are “exciting, stylish and sporty” and striking engagements and customer activities.

Yamaha will run a host of customer activities on the digital space and will separately engage Yamaha employees in various craftwork initiatives to continue to transmit the brand’s uniqueness, thus redirecting from physical activities to digital initiatives as billions of people are grappling with the pandemic.

The company has also endeavored to offer its tribute to the frontline warriors including medical fraternity, teams handling emergency, civil and essential services through a new campaign “Yamaha Salutes Frontline Warriors”. All two wheelers and four wheelers used by the employees along with the company’s transport would display the illustrative stickers in support of the campaign, a balloon signage will also being installed at OMR, Chennai near to the company head office while the teams at Yamaha’s Chennai plant have offered their support with the help of a unique vehicle formation saying ‘Thank You’.

The company has also launched a Social Media campaign “Yamaha salutes frontline warriors” in which various employees from across pan India offices of the company along with dealers and customers can be seen to have come together to offer their support and thanks to the frontline warriors.

New Delhi, July 1st, 2020