Xiaomi Starts Rolling Out MIUI 12 Update For Mi Smartphones In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Xiaomi Starts Rolling Out MIUI 12 Update For Mi Smartphones In India

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Adds exclusive features such as Magic Clone on its flagship device, Mi 10




Xiaomi India announced the launch of the much awaited MIUI 12 update on Xiaomi devices. With MIUI 12, Xiaomi aims to build on the experience that MIUI 11 brought, with optimisations across the UI, to enable a better user experience.



Improved MIUI 12

Introducing a lifelike OS experience where every detail becomes tangibly real, MIUI 12 creates an ultra-smooth UI experience which is embodied in system-wide animations and visualizations. With the App drawer, MIUI 12 sorts apps by categories automatically. Dark mode on MIUI 12, covering system apps and the third-party apps, is designed to adjust automatically as per the ambient lighting, which serves to the comfort of your eyes to the largest extent. To enable dark mode for specific apps, users can toggle the individual apps in the settings menu.



With MIUI 12 users can now remove sensitive information like the location and the metadata before sharing a picture with anyone. It also allows one to delete a screenshot automatically after sharing, which in turn helps one save space and maintain privacy.



The ultra-battery saver enables one to extend the phone’s standby time and reduce power consumption. Now even at 5%, the phone can last for an additional 5 hours with ultra-battery saver. Users can also minimize and maximize any window of an app while on a different app using the floating windows, supported system-wide with all apps.



What's more

Delivering the best tailor-made experience to its users, MIUI 12 brings smooth animations with improved details to the icons. The calendar features beautifully designed cards for every important event. With the Super Wallpaper feature, MIUI 12 provides stunning reconstructions of iconic planetary landforms using NASA's official imagery. Users can create interstellar journeys sitting at their home by switching between the home screen, lock screen and always-on display. The new weather app in MIUI 12 recreates the current climate in the UI. MIUI 12 also brings a built-in casting tool that’ll work with everything including videos, games, images, docs and even apps. It comes with a private casting mode wherein your private notification pop ups won’t be casted. Users can also minimize the casting window and access other apps on their smartphone.



Magic Clone for Mi 10

Exclusive to Mi 10, the Magic Clone feature will allow users to create and make virtual doppelgangers images or videos more interesting. Available under “More” in MIUI 12’s Camera app, using this feature one can capture the same person up to four times at different intervals of time. From a camera perspective, Mi 10 along with other Xiaomi devices will feature vlog mode and AI watermark.



Rollout schedule

MIUI 12 rollout begins in August 2020, with the first update rolling out on Mi 10, Redmi Note 9/ Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 8/ Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 7/ Redmi Note 7 Pro.



Stay tuned to all our social media channels for the roll out timeline of other Xiaomi devices.






India, 12 August 2020