Remodels The Way India Follows Indian Premier League - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Now, cricket fans change conversations from ‘what is the score’ to ‘what will be the score’

With Criclytics, an advanced algorithm based data analytics platform by Head Digital Works, is set to change the way Indian Premier League is followed by the tournament fans. The platform will take its users on a journey from ‘what is the score?’ to ‘what will be the score?’ and provide new narratives for cricketing conversations. powered by Criclytics will allow a user to follow IPL at a match level and a tournament level. With intriguing Tournament Level Engines and Match Level Engines, will provide a state-of-the-art sport platform for all the cricket enthusiasts. The app will offer a plethora of features like watching the match in 5 visual images similar to Instagram Stories, get quick bytes on live text commentary, and a visual representation of where a boundary shot was played & where it went on the ground.


New features in

Tournament Level Engines

The tournament level engines will enable one to predict two of the most important aspects of the league, (i) Final 4 Teams for Play-offs & (ii) Tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP)


The Final 4 Predictor will examine a team’s chance to qualify for the play offs depending on how it plays and how other teams play. Hence, the engine will capture all the important aspects in a neat visual motion graphic that will allow fans to go game by game, to follow the journey of their favourite team, and their rival team.


The MVP feature will provide a list of players that goes beyond the scorecard to find out little tales that lies hidden to bring out the real champions. The feature will help the fans unravel players’ statistics put together in a simple relative scale to measure the best impact player of the tournament.


Match Level Engines

Match Level Engines are a blend of Pre-Match Engines, Live Match Engines and Post Match Engines.


The Pre-Match Engines will help a user with player projections based on his past performances, player run streaks, strengths & opposition strengths, along with team projections like expected scores and highest run scorers. These engines will also provide key statistics like player/team head to head records & average scores at the venue between the teams, and comparisons between fan-favourite bowlers and batsmen.


During an on-going game, Live Match Engines will provide insights on player projections, team projections, player match-ups and upcoming 5 to 10 overs. These projections will be based on the pitch conditions, player line-ups, a team’s performance in similar situations in past, previous encounters of the cricketers and so on. To get these insights, Criclytics will churn out a myopic version out for a user to sense what might happen to the game, when a batsman is in or out. It takes into account strength of batsmen at the crease, and the combined strength of the bowling attack, add a historical layer and venue context as a garnishing to show 3 over and 5 over views every ball.


The Post-Match Engines will provide an in-depth analysis of a game once it is over. With a 60 second refresher in 5 screens, will narrate the entire story of the game and prepare fans to discuss the match with their peers. These screens will include:

(i)  Match Stats - A tennis game scorecard showing the most important statistics to compare teams

(ii) Match Reel - Intuitive feature where one can hit ‘play’ and the match will unfold showing the score, win percentage, margin of victory, pressure built by teams and impact of important innings and spells

(iii)  Match Rating - Showcase the actual narratives into a simple screen and understand which player had the best impact in the match based on runs scored, strike rates, boundaries, economy rate, balls per dismissal and wickets

(iv) Phases of Play - A bar graph representation of the runs scored/wickets lost, shown in each phase of play (Powerplay, Middle Overs, and Death Overs)

(v) Game-Changing Overs - This screen aids the result changing moments’ conversation by tracking shifts in momentum to pick out the four most important overs in the game where the win percent for either sides shift





Bangalore, September 16th, 2020