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‘Famous Sikhs’, Talk Show Launches Its First Episode

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The premiere episode of ‘Famous Sikhs’, talk show this past Saturday, August 29, 2020 was big on ‘Army - The Way of Life’. Starring in its inaugural chapter – Lieutenant General Balbir Singh Sandhu, a statuette of bravery, vigilance, and sacrifice. The Famous Sikhs, Talk Show is a dedicated platform that talks about Sikhs and their achievements.



During the era of pandemic every plan which was futile was at stake. Technology not only provided a ray of hope as people started moving towards digital platforms but also have made them ready to enter the sea of tremendous scope that they never expected. Now meetings, webinars, conferences, interviews, everything is online, and this new version provides a better reach and on the spot results. The interview surprised everyone by going viral with 6000+ views in less than 24 hours.



The host of the show, Manpreet Kaur made a beautiful introduction of Lieutenant General Balbir Singh Sandhu - a Soldier, a Sportsman and a leader. It’s very rare in the army that a person can pursue sports at an international level and at the same time reach the pinnacle of his professional life. Lt. Gen Balbir is a true gem and a firm believer in - “Awaken the soldier in you! Play life as a sport. The goal is a Goal and a Foul is a Foul”. He guided the viewers on rising from failures and to becoming a bright shining star. The show has a clear vision to celebrate the achievements of Sikh achievers and simultaneously talk about the challenges faced by them. The focus of ‘Famous Sikhs’ talk show is on inculcating a sedulous spirit among masses and to share techniques and strategies for achieving results. Brand experts said that show is looking for presenter sponsors and will be tying up soon.



The format of the talk show was educational, informative and disclosed a behind the curtain insight into the actual struggles involved and the mindset required to be an achiever. The show concept promotes the thought that ‘Every failure is a lesson and if you are not willing to fail, you are not ready to succeed.’ Sources have revealed that the upcoming celebrity achievers and philanthropists on the show will be taking the platform to new distinguished heights.



A unique concept was promoted in the interview series - a warm message from dear colleague or friend as a surprise for the interviewee, to catch their candid expression. The questions were selective and prompted a deeper cognizance and respect for the personality invited. With learning and sharing as the pillars, the show had an enduring effect on viewers. ‘The Famous Sikhs’ backed by a talented team of experts captivated the audience with a spirit of achievement and inspiration. The magic of this beautiful platform focuses on sharing the stories of Sikh achievers with the community. With Harshpreet Singh Bhasin(Hotbot Studios) as the Digital Marketing partner, Mehak Kaur as the Script Writer and Taman Deep Singh Bindra (Singhstudio) as the Sales and BD Specialist, the show was a stupendous success.



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New Delhi, September 01, 2020