Panasonic’s #IntelligentHAI Campaign Introduces Its New AI-Enabled Refrigerators With A Twist - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



~Launched five short digital films to spotlight the smart and intelligent refrigerator range~

~ Campaign focusses on the Panasonic’s patented technology of Econavi sensors in delivering unmatched savings~




Reinforcing its commitment to provide unrivalled lifestyle solutions to its consumers, Panasonic India, a diverse technology company, recently launched its digital campaign ‘IntelligentHAI’, for its all new range of AI enabled refrigeratorsThe campaign showcases a day in the life of a typical Indian household while spotlighting the technologically advanced and intuitive Panasonic refrigerators that adapts to the varied needs of a family. Since its launch, the campaign has already garnered millions of views across platforms.



At the crux of the campaign is a series of five short digital films, conceptualized and executed by Milestone Dentsu, establishing Panasonic AI refrigerators as an intelligent machine that not only saves power, but also understands and adapts itself to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of all members of a family. Each film highlights the cutting-edge feature of the new range equipped with Artificial Intelligence, powered by Econavi Sensors – Intelligent Door Sensors, Intelligent Light Sensors, Intelligent Temperature Sensors, AG Clean Technology and Jumbo Storage. These features are unique and patented by Panasonic India.



The concept of Artificial Intelligence in refrigerators is still at a very nascent stage in India, and people are not well versed with it. Hence, we thought of breaking down the complexity of it into the simplest of terms to make it more relatable and aspirational for our new-age customers. We picked up one of the most commonly used words in Hindi – HAI – and gave it a twist to incorporate the essence of AI into it.” added Ujjwal Anand, Country Head, Milestone Dentsu.



The digital films are available on Panasonic India’s official YouTube handle


New Delhi, September 11, 2020