Boult Audio AirBass Combuds Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & IPX5 Rating Earbuds - Perfect Partner For All Your Needs : Review - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Boult Audio AirBass Combuds Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & IPX5 Rating Earbuds - Perfect Partner For All Your Needs : Review

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BoultAudio, the lifestyle audio accessories manufacturer brand has launched its new TWS earbuds - AirBass Combuds. The company deals in premium quality and smart wearable audio  products.  Its newly launched product AirBass Combuds features Light weight, IPX5 rating water resistance, active noise cancellation, long battery life and soft touch n tap controls. We got an opportunity to use and test it and after using it for a week's time now we are reviewing it for you.



This ergonomically designed and premium looking product comes in a box with two Brand Ambassador celebrities Vicky Kaushal and Kriti Senon’s pictures printed on it. And after we open the box we find one oval shaped product case, one charging cable, two pair of extra buds rubber caps, one user manual and one warranty card in it, oval shaped product carry case has inbuilt Lithium Ion battery for charging on-the-go. It has 15hrs playtime and 3days standby capacity in a single charge. Its oval shaped carry case comes with a micro USB charging port with charging cable given in the box. We charged it with 5v-2A mobile charger and it charged in just 1hr and 27min. from 0 to 100.


Airbass Combuds oval shaped and small sized carry box has a matt finish that doesn’t attracts your fingerprints on it. This small sized light weight oval-shaped capsule desined carry box looks premium and easy to carry everywhere, slips easily in your pocket. In its charging carry box we found one on/ off button for connectivity purpose, it also includes 4 LED charging notification lights that represents its battery capacity.  These light weight tiny buds fits perfectly in your ears and its stereophonic crystal clear sound quality is perfect to entertain you. As it attains powerful 10mm Neodymium Drivers with extra bass technology that helps to improve amplitude and clarity of its sound.



AirBass Combuds supports Bluetooth 5.0 that connects very easily with your device, its both buds works as Master Bud means we can also use only single bud of its pair. It also supports Google’s voice assistant feature. We tested its connectivity range and it works very fine within 10 meters of distance. After first time of paring with your device it reconnects automatically with your device, which means it needs no further repletion of pairing on each and every time to use it. You may use it with your smartphones, tablets or your notebooks whether you have to listen music or take your calls or attending online meetings or webinars, Combuds also has inbuilt mic.

You can use AirBass Combuds to take your calls/ reject calls, as well as listening music or watching movies on your device. Its crystal clear sound quality is very good. At this competitive price, having latest wireless touch sensor control, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and IPX5 water resistant like features, its a great deal.



Combuds pair has IPX5 level water resistant capacity that makes it a perfect companion for you, to use it in almost every condition, whether you’re working, watching movie, listening music or you are at Gym for exercise as it’s a sweat-proof and splash-proof. Its long battery life keeps your working on for a whole day without any interruption or fear of charge it again. Its light weight and soft smooth material and curvy design also helps you to wear it for a whole day comfortably.



Both buds in this pair works as a master bud that help us to control its working with any one bud of its pair. Its feather touch sensor are pretty fast and responsive we can play or pause music in just one smooth tap on its top. It needs double tap to jump on to next track. You can put it On or Off by pressing it a little longer on buds top. Combuds comes with active noise cancellation feature that makes it perform good sound.  We didn't find any lag or lack in its connectivity or any other feature while using it.


Its available in a very competitive price on Flipkart and Amazon ecommerce platforms. It may be your perfect whole day companion at a very competitive price of just Rs.1499/-