Festive Fervor Hits Bangalore Amid Dark; City To Gear Up For Puja - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Festive Fervor Hits Bangalore Amid Dark; City To Gear Up For Puja

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Barir Durga Puja


Durga Puja, also known as Durgotsava is a Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates the worship of the goddess Durga. The importance and popularity of the Durga Puja festival increased during the British rule in Bengal and also in Assam. According to history, the Hindu reformists had identified. Durga with our country and in no time, Durga became the most important symbol for the Indian Independence movement and post Independence, like you all, now know, Durga Puja went on to become one of the biggest renowned festivals of the whole world. Durga Puja is done in various homes with grand and pomp and have it’s own tradition all over the World. 

In Paul’s house, that we see they have been doing the Puja from long in Bangalore, however more from community perspective with a huge CSR activity. However it got abated when they moved off to London, since the time they came back to Country they have been contemplating to start back. As they say everything have a time and cannot be done unless Godess Ma Durga herself wants to start, it’s time now. The occasion is planned with all rituals in line however the invitees are restricted due to the current situation around.

The main head of the Puja S S Paul , who have reached Bangalore from Kolkata now, said that “Belief that all will be Good, need to win over Fear” and hence we felt that this is the right time to Win and come out in Glory. Rosie, who is the main bearer of this Puja and the daughter in law of the Paul’s house leads the torch ahead and is taking all necessary measures to not only allow people to get the Blessing of Ma Durga, but to arrange the whole event in a very auspicious way. The main concern that most Pandits who does the Puja all across the World faces, is a decent accommodation and similar during the stay of this 5 days intense rituals.

On asking Rosie Paul says that the Pujari’s travels usually from Kolkata to across the Globe where ever they are needed for the Puja, and we are aware that they are not treated well, however believes that darkness cannot be below the Lamp, hence they have organized an immaculate arrangement for them along with Sanitized Personal Apartment and more. Special Prasad and delicious foods are arranged which is usually part of this pompous ritual. Rosie also states that for this Pal Barir Pujo, who so ever comes in to worship Ma Durga, must have masks, however who so ever do not have, Paul’s have made arrangements to provide Masks to all, along with other sanitizing measures.

It’s time to Celebrate, it’s time to Cleanse the air around, for no matter how hard Evil tries, it can never quite match up to the power of Good, because Evil is ultimately self-destructive. Evil may set out to corrupt others, but in the process corrupts itself, and Paul’s believe that with this Durga Aradhana and more the World would again rise, and rise with Pomp and Glory.


e,2nd October