Sanitization Is The Key To Health Safety - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Voltas, in collaboration with its engineering partners, has been providing UV solutions for Duct, Air and Surface Disinfectants

As all of us collectively fight to defeat the pandemic, we need to accept that the key to Safety is Sanitization. With offices, malls and industries reopening, sanitization of premises is non-negotiable. Voltas Limited, India’s No. 1 AC brand from the house of the Tata’s, in response to the ongoing Covid- 19 crisis has launched a new line of UV based air, duct and surface disinfectant solutions that meet the immediate and long term need for health safety- a step in our business that is in line with the Tata Group’s commitment towards serving the community and making a positive social impact.


Enclosed is a video that illustrates the range of cart and handheld UV based solutions that are safer than chemicals/ spray and can cover large areas in much lesser time.



Handheld: HandHeld is a portable disinfection unit, designed for rapid sanitation of any surface. It is safe even on food! This lightweight and portable device is best suited for office cabins & desks, doctor rooms, hospitals wards, clinics as well as household surfaces like tables, chairs, doors etc. It is also ideal for domestic application of areas as small as 50 to 70 sq. ft.



UV Cart: The UV Cart System is ideal for large spaces like offices, waiting areas in hospitals, lobbies, malls, shop floors etc. So efficient are these that they sanitize a 5000 sq. ft. space in just 30 minutes with a 99% kill rate of Covid- 19.

Voltas has successfully installed their UV based products in prominent establishments like AIIMS New Delhi’s Covid and Trauma Centers, Tata Hospital in Noida and Hannah Joseph Hospital in Chennai among others. The Company has also provided these products to various commercial offices such as Tata Projects office in Mumbai, RBI office in New Delhi and Mumbai, BPCL Kochi Plant and Mumbai Refinery and General Insurance office in Mumbai.

Voltas Limited has always adopted a consumer-centric approach to fulfil India’s cooling and refrigeration requirements for residential and commercial applications. With this range of sanitization solutions, Voltas continues to stay committed to the society and nation at large by assisting in curbing the spread of the pandemic.