Smitch Introduces IoT Security Solutions On Flipkart - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Smitch introduces a new line of cost-efficient Wi-Fi Enabled Security Cameras


Smitch, one of India’s leading consumer IoT brand, today announced the launch of their two new-age Wi-Fi enabled security cameras on Flipkart. The smart security cameras with infrared night vision, motion detection, and two-way communication, along with many innovative features are the latest addition to the vast range of smart home tech offerings available from Smitch.

In a short span of time, Smitch has become a trusted ally for consumers all across the country, receiving the highest consumer satisfaction than any other competitor on the platform. In 2019, Smitch sold more than a hundred thousand units with their smart lighting products becoming the highest-selling IoT product on Flipkart.

The brand has been committed to pushing boundaries for innovative smart home products for Indian households with all their products being manufactured and assembled in India. The homegrown production approach not only provides a cost-efficient price point but also helps the brand create products focused on the Indian market and its needs.

Their vision for creating the best-in-segment technology extends into a variety of smart home products that include Smart Bulb, Smart Tube Light, Smart Night Lamp, Smart Sockets, and Smart Spike Buster. 

Here are the key features of their latest range of smart security cameras starting from just Rs. 1499:

Smitch Static 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera:

The security camera is Wi-Fi-enabled that allows one to access from anywhere in the world. Its LIVE 1080p HD video streaming provides with seamless and clear visuals. The security camera also has an infrared night vision and motion sensing detectors with a Talk-back-2-way communication that allows one to speak through the camera. This new line of products gives an external memory support that is expandable up to 64GB.

Smitch 360° 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera:

The pan-tilt feature of the camera gives a 360-degree view to cover a wider surveillance area along with object movement tracking. The infrared vision is the ideal way to monitor any movements in the dark. Other features include Wi-Fi and expandable external SD card support (for data collection in case of a power-cut), two-way communication, etc.


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