Vested Finance Doubles AUM, Second Quarter In A Row Amid Lockdown - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Vested Finance Doubles AUM, Second Quarter In A Row Amid Lockdown

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Witnesses 70% growth in new account openings



Vested Finance, an online investment platform that enables Indian investors to invest in the US stock market, saw total investments in the US markets from India grow by 150% in Q2FY21 compared to Q1FY21. The platform registered 70% growth in the number of new accounts opening in India for investing in US equities using Vested Finance’s platform.



The company has seen consistent market affinity towards technology stocks like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, and Google among others. 40% of Vested’s users invest in the US markets because they want to invest in specific companies listed on the US exchanges, 29% are looking at it from a geographic diversification standpoint, and 21% are saving for future USD spending. Over $10 million was invested in the US stock markets in the last quarter via Vested Finance, doubling their AUM for the second quarter in a row.



Although investors like to invest in technology stocks directly, they want guidance on how to build their portfolios. Hence, 20% of customers have contributed to the rising interest in ‘Vests’, pre-built investment portfolios provided by Vested Finance.



In today’s world, global companies cannot have a global presence without having a sizeable presence in India. Indians who are avid consumers of these global brands have now started investing in them to build their wealth. To facilitate Indian investors to invest in US markets, Vested has now partnered with over 25 different brokers, fintech, and wealth management firms including the likes of Axis Securities, Kuvera, and MasterTrust.



Vested Finance is a California-headquartered U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Vested also has an office in Mumbai.