Five Sanitizing Essentials That You Should Use During This Pandemic - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

We're living through a pandemic that most of us have never seen before. Covid-19 (coronavirus) has almost paralyzed the country and threatens the health of people throughout the world. Sanitizing has always been important, but in the current time, it's more important than ever. 

This time has made all of us to understand how requisite sanitization is. Authorities across the globe have been emphasizing on sanitizing hands, things and every surface at home and workplace. Many of us are going to work and travelling with no choice left during this pandemic year. 

We bring you some essential sanitizing products which you can add to your product list to keep yourself germs, bacteria and virus free and protect yourself from coronavirus spread.

1.USPRAY TOILET SEAT SANITIZER – It is a simple, safe and effective instant toilet seat sanitizer that ensures germ-free toilet experience. Giving a pleasant fragrance, it is lightweight and pocket handy so you can use it anywhere inside or outside the house. It also dries quickly once sprayed on the seat and removes foul odour.

2.SAVLON SURFACE DISINFECTANT SPRAY SANITIZER – This provides germ protection on hard and soft surfaces such as tables, curtains, door handles, carpets etc.  People regularly touch these surfaces and can be a reservoir for a variety of germs and viruses, and by spraying the savlon disinfectant  you can kill 99.99% germs from the surfaces at your home and workplace leaving in the fresh and pleasant fragrance.

3.AEVA (UV SANIPRO) - It is a UV sanipro (4 UV-C lamps of 11 watt power) which is a safe, reliable and effective sanitization chamber that destroys 99.99% of the germs and viruses. Aeva can sanitize upto 40 liters of objects in just about 3 minutes, be it paper, soft objects like cash, fruits, vegetables, shoes, keys, watches  and almost everything. You can keep it anywhere, at home, office, restaurants, salons etc.

4.NYKAA HOMESAFE – DISINFECTANT FLOOR CLEANER (CITRUS) – Being constantly exposed to germs , the best way to fight them is with this NYKAA disinfectant floor cleaner. It keeps your house cleaner, shinier and germ-free. It kills 99.9% germs and removes stains. Its quick dry formula leaves the surface clean and dry with refreshing fragrance. Safe to use on multiple surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite and mosaic.

5.DOT AND KEY HAND CREAM : SANITIZER AND MOISTURIZER (ROSE GERANIUM AND SHEA) – What could be a better combo than safety with skincare . This unique 2 in 1 Rose geranium hand cream, also doubles as an effective sanitizer and shea butter forms a nourishing and protective shield over your delicate hands keeping it moisturized and kills 99.9% of the germs. You can sanitize as well as moisture your hands in the coming winter season.