Secureye’s Mifi Router S-4GMR Capable To Connect 10 Devices At Once, Released In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS




Secureye, the leading security and surveillance solution providers, has now launched Secureye S-4GMR - a 4G LTE Mifi Router - in India. The mobile hotspot device, which comes with a single SIM card slot, would provide connectivity to other devices on the go via tethering. 

The mobile router is capable of transferring up to 150 Mb per second and as many as 10 devices can be connected with it simultaneously. The device is built to deliver blazing fast speed across 4G LTE networks, unlocking new and flexible connected experiences required for businesses and consumer applications.



The Mifi router is powered by a 2100 mAh lithium ion battery, which would assure that the user doesn’t get disconnected even when out for extended hours. The device has the provision of using Micro SD up to 32 GB and is compatible with Android 6.0. Secureye S-4GMR comes with a uni-button mechanism and an easily accessible interface.



S-4GMR Mifi router is the latest offering from Secureye, which provides smart intelligent integrated security solutions for households, workplaces and industrial setups. The company's wide array of products include hi tech-powered entrance security solutions, integrated surveillance devices like 8 Megapixel CCTV Cameras, Wifi-surveillance cameras and biometric attendance system.



The cost of this utility device is INR 2999/- including taxes.