Beor360, The Taste You Should Try Before 2020 Ends - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Christmas is round the corner, and we have a pocket friendly Beer list crafted just for you to try before the eve arrives. A wise man once said, “in wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom”, Beer isn’t just a drink; it is a lifestyle. One should try out these craft beers brewed from organic ingredients and crafted with precision. The Craft Beer culture in India has made a market of its own. As you know Craft & Culture is the integral Indian phenomenon, and these hand crafted brewed beers have a tale of their own, quench your thirst for the freshness of freedom.

Here are some of the best handcrafted Indian and imported beers under INR 200 to keep the festive feels alive and the pocket light  :

Beor360 Craft Wheat (With the calmness of Chamomile): The right beer to sit back and sip and enjoy. Let the chamomile soothe your senses and calmness find the balance within you. The right mix of barley malt, wheat and hops lets the chamomile emerge from this hazy, unfiltered brew. A swirl towards the end of the pint while you put the Beor360 Craft Wheat into your glass will give you flavor.

Beor360 Craft Lager, Soothing and Refreshing: A companion for everything under the sun, and the moon- because it’s night when you call it a day. The best ingredients, pristine Himalayan spring water, a brewer at the top of his craft and all the time in the world, makes Beor360 Craft Lager the perfect lager. From the whiff to the sip, it is one to savour. 

WIT by White Rhino: This beer is from India’s first craft brewery in the Chambal region. This wheat beer uses Indian rolled wheat and complements it with fresh organic coriander seeds from the Himalayas. 

Coopers Ale: This is a true taste of Coopers history. With its famous cloudy sediment and distinctive balance of malt, hops and fruity characters. Coopers Pale Ale is the original Pale Ale. Beware of pale imitations. This all-malt brew has inspired a new generation of ale lovers.

A Witman: Subtle notes of lemon from the hop profile pair perfectly with the light refreshing nature of this beer style. At just 4% abv, you can enjoy one or many, while watching the leaves of grass dance in the waves of the wind.