Flipkart Asks India To Vote For The People’s Choice ‘Mobile Awards 2020’ - GADGET-INNOVATIONS
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Flipkart Asks India To Vote For The People’s Choice ‘Mobile Awards 2020’

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Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has announced the nominees for the much-awaited Mobile Awards 2020. Selected through a democratic voting process by consumers themselves, the Mobile Awards 2020 focuses on recognising the best brands and devices across a wide range of categories. 


These awards are a true celebration of the endeavors by the best-in-class brands as they continue to bring the latest innovations, features and cutting edge technology to millions of customers across India


Consumers can vote for their favourites across a wide-range of categories, as follows:


·  The Best Camera Phone

·  Fastest Performing Phone

·  Best Battery Powerhouse

·  Best in Design

·  Best Gaming Phone

·  Entertainment Superstar

·  Most Epic Selfie Phone

·  Finest ‘Value for Money’ Phone

·  Supreme Mid-range Phone

·  Unmatched Flagship Phone

·  Best Innovation of 2020

·  Best Debut Brand of 2020


Voting is open on the Flipkart app till 10th December 2020 and the winners of the Mobile Awards 2020 will be announced on 12th December.


Bengaluru, 4 December 2020


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