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Is Technology The New Driving Force For An Organisation’s Growth?

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Technology has become the new driving force throughout organisations of every size, shape and industry. Companies that are still hesitating in embracing technology to fuel their business are sure to be left behind by companies automating, creating efficiencies, achieving scale, and providing a super customer experience all with the help of technology.


Operational benefits of technology are endless, not only startups but big companies are taking the help of technology to become a multi-billionaire organisation. Home grown companies like Ola and ‘Oyo have doubled their profits with the smart use of technology. So, by creating nation-wide connectivity, cost-cutting in millions, technology is not only helping bigger firms grow bigger but is also supporting small firms in the growth process.


Here we have listed a few companies that are providing technological support to the corporate and big organisations:


1. Calibehr: Calibehr is a new age award-winning Professional Business Service provider in India with a spectacular array of tailor-made, unconventional offerings. The company combines the synergies of people, process and technology to drive seamless operations for large Indian enterprises, multinational corporations and state governments. Calibehr’s passionate team works obsessively with its partners to create tools and capacities in this technology first world. Its solutions cater to needs of different organisations to create robust mechanisms for client growth. Calibehr also simplifies complex processes through new age technologies like AI, Automation etc. for their clients.


Calibehr offers 350 delivery centers driven by a 15,000+ strong team of forward thinking and outcome oriented individuals, the company works in close collaboration to deliver quick, quantifiable results across 15 industries, in a digital-first world.



2. IndusEntry: IndusEntry provides technology services and consulting that develops growth-oriented and cloud-based software solutions, services and support. It helps businesses and enterprises to integrate and implement existing and new technology solutions to improve productivity, performance & cost efficiencies in the sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, and finance functions. With them, you also get the support of Digital and Social Media Advertising for your brand. India is one of the fastest growing digitally influenced markets. Telecom revolution has ensured that both rural and urban India has access to high-speed data. International search engines and social sites are today present in multiple Indian languages to ensure better user experience and greater exposure to businesses.



3. Walsons: Walsons India’s longstanding presence offers steady service delivery with an understanding of local contexts, vital for managing essential business support services. It provides customers, wherever and whoever they may be, with a level of service that lives up to their brand promise. At Walsons, they believe that those who challenge the status quo today will do remarkable things tomorrow. By blending people, technology & knowledge, it delivers solutions for customers in a variety of industries.