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Sensing And Ranging Technologies To Play A Key Role In Post-Covid World

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From effective social distancing to fighting future pandemics to contactless use cases in everyday life & beyond

NXP India one of the biggest R&D Centres for NXP Semiconductors, a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications organized the eighth edition of its flagship Mega tech event series, titled ‘Sensing and Ranging Week 2020’ from November 24-27. The flagship event comprised of four-day long exhilarating regime of keynotes and technical & thought leadership sessions by key industry and academia veterans around how sensing and ranging solutions will shape up a smarter world. 

The event saw engagement from leaders across the industry, discussing innovative tech that is helping drive a smarter ecosystem while developing use cases for the future world.

Highlight of the event was the panel discussion on ‘How Sense & Ranging technologies will shape up a smarter world’ which saw wide participation from some of the key voices. They expressed their thoughts about how various technologies are enabling smart devices to sense their surroundings to create a smarter environment. Broadly, the panel discussed about next generation smart sensing technologies using Radar, Vision, LiDAR and UWB based ranging technologies for both IoT devices as well as for Automobile applications.

The discussion was moderated by Sanjay Gupta, Vice President and India Country Manager, NXP. The panelists included Lars Reger, EVP and CTO, NXP Semiconductors, Dr. Aloknath De,  Senior VP and CTO, Samsung India, Dr. Navakanta Bhat, Professor, Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, IISC Bangalore, Jithendranadh Niruthambath, Founder and CEO, Atoll Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Anurag Seth, CTO, Tembusu ICT Partners.

These industry veterans pointed out that sensing and ranging technologies will enable the IoT ecosystem to pave the way for a contactless world. Sensing and ranging solutions will also cater to several sectors bringing automation in IoT, autonomous vehicles, edge computing, business operations, e-learning and smart city projects.  Furthermore, the four-day long event emphasized on how the sensing technologies and sensors will be leveraged in the world for social welfare in post-COVID scenario and will equip governments across the world better to fight future pandemics.

The panel discussion was followed by a session on ‘VC investments in Semiconductor Startups of India – Opportunities & Challenges’ by Sateesh Andra, MD Endiya Partners wherein he talked about the technological and infrastructure challenges in India, and the need to become a manufacturing hub of semiconductors.

On the last day, Gireesh Rajendran, Co-Founder and CEO, Steradian Semiconductor, talked about the many use cases of Imaging Radar technology, particularly in traffic management during his Special Talk on ‘Imaging Radar Technology Applications in non-automotive market’.

The completely digital Mega Tech Event kicked off on 24 November, with great interest and participation across all four sites – Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. More than 1000 employees attended various technical session to their advantage, tuning into keynotes and tech tutorials, as well as wholeheartedly participating in Q&As and online quizzes designed to test employees’ knowledge.

The four-day long event witnessed multiple engaging keynotes by NXP Global leaders, starting off with like Jens Hinrichsen, EVP and GM, BL Advanced Analog, Torsten Lehmann, EVP & GM, BL RFP and Lars Reger, EVP and CTO .

The event also covered the Technical Tutorial sessions, giving deep insights on topics like Analog Sensors, Smart Sensing in Radar and Imaging, Sensor interfaces and Ranging based on Ultra Wideband technologies by the NXP experts. It concluded with a poster competition and award ceremony that saw some cutting-edge ideas to create a smarter ecosystem, leveraging sensing and ranging technologies.