Utter App, in collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation, today announced the launch of India’s first safety training app for ‘Essential Service Providers’ to protect them against COVID-19 at their workplace and in their daily work routines.


About Co-Rakshak, a Contextualised Safety Training for Essential Service Providers

a. Co-Rakshak is a multilingual chat-based app combining text, video and audio content to build user awareness and training for essential service providers about the Coronavirus and seek help from the right authorities in times of distress.

b. The app offers best practices and standard safety protocols to be undertaken at their workplace and at home.

c. Co-Rakshak offers contextualised safety training for 9 job roles in 5 languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Kannada.

d.  In the second phase, the app will cover over 40 job roles and make it available in 9 Indian languages.

e. The content has been created in accordance with guidelines issued by WHO, CDC, FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, amongst others.

Why Co-Rakshak?

a. One of the biggest and most neglected challenges presented by COVID has been the Information Disconnect between governments, employers, health experts and essential service providers.

b.  The information disconnect is especially pronounced amongst the economically disadvantaged sections of the society.

c.  Post-lockdown, essential service providers and blue-collar workers have been forced to come out of their houses to serve the nation and feed their families - leading to a second wave of COVID infections.

d.  It is critical that these workers are adequately aware and trained for self-care while operating in their workplaces and congested living conditions.

e.  Unfortunately, most of the information currently available is too generic and tends to focus on the lifestyles of the privileged sections of society.

f. This can only be achieved if the information is contextualized to their daily lives and routines and transformed into actionable inputs that are relevant and implementable.

More details can be accessed at our website www.corakshak.in and you can download the app here:



Co-Rakshak Provides Safety Training to 9 Key Job Roles

a. Delivery Personnel, Shopkeepers, Facility Management personnel like security guards, Home Staff like maids, caretakers, cooks, etc., Police, transportation workers like drivers, mechanics, etc., Hospitality personnel like housekeepers, Government personnel and Health professionals like doctors, nurses, etc.

b. At the end of the program, there is a short test to assess the understanding of the learners.

Co-Rakshak: A Joint Initiative by Utter App and Wadhwani Foundation


The entire cost of development of the app has been funded by Wadhwani Foundation, while Utter App has donated its professional resources and platform for the cause.

Bangalore, 8th Dec 2020