‘Little Singham: Kids Early Learning App’- 1 Million Downloads & Counting! App Ensures Your Little Ones Come Out Smarter Than Before - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

‘Little Singham: Kids Early Learning App’- 1 Million Downloads & Counting! App Ensures Your Little Ones Come Out Smarter Than Before

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To all the Supermoms and Superdads out there, India's youngest Supercop, Little Singham, is here ! Take your kids on the adventure of a lifetime with Littlle Singham-Kids Early Learning App. You may download the app Now on Google Play for free.

‘Little Singham - The Learning App’ which was launched last year by Creative Galileo has hit a million downloads in just 6 months with an average rating of 4.70. This educational app is a paradigm shift from traditional teaching practices and is targeted towards children from ages of 3-8 years to teach them about colours, numbers, shapes, phonics, etc.

As conscious parents, it's apparent that you would want the best learning apps for your kids that help them grow smarter, bolder, and brighter. Delivered via extremely engaging storylines of Little Singham & his friends - Babli, Lattu, Hawaldar Karate, and many others, this app helps to inculcate values of friendship, kindness, helpfulness, and morality in kids. Every Little Singham game & video within the app is a research-based activity tailored to stimulate the brain of your kids to make them more responsive and improve their reflexes.

What is making the app a favorite among kids and adults is the use of cartoon character of Little Singham – whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

Designed to make learning fun and embedded with a phonic program, ‘Little Singham – The Learning App’ gives kids access to thousands of educational videos, audiobooks and interactive games. The learning starts right at home and so does the teaching. Deriving from the power and expanse of digital media, this educational app intends to stay accessible to your kid anytime and anywhere.

The clutter-breaking app has been developed by experts from the world of Education with an award-winning curriculum that focuses on six key domains: Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Motor Skills, Creative Expression and Cognitive Development.

Little Singham: Kids Early Learning App: Key Highlights In this app your child will learn

    - Alphabets

    - Numbers

    - Colours

    - Shapes

Some of the games included in this app are  :

- Running Game - A fun way for your child to learn about numbers

- Colouring Game - A digital colouring book for your child to learn colours

- Pilot Game - Little Singham flies a plane and teaches your child phonics

- Racing Game - Little Singham races a police jeep & collects colours


Developed by award-winning curriculum experts for kids in the age group of 2 to 8 years, this extremely engaging Little Singham learning app builds on the 6 learning domains of your child:

- Language and Literacy
- Numeracy
- Discovery of the World
- Motor Skills
- Creative Expression
- Cognitive Development

Mumbai, January 12, 2021