McAfee Releases Cybersecurity Threat Predictions For 2021 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

McAfee released their cybersecurity Threat Predictions for 2021, sharing insights to help consumers stay protected in the New Year and beyond against malicious cyber-attacks – including increased home tech attacks, mobile threats and abuse of new tech trends. McAfee’s Chief Technology and Science Officers have discovered threats targeting everyday consumers in 2021 and have released their findings via predictions. Below are the predictions for your reference. 


McAfee’s Threat Predictions for 2021 include: 

1. Supply Chain Backdoor Techniques to Proliferate - The revelations around the SolarWinds-SUNBURST espionage campaign will spark a proliferation in copycat supply chain attacks of this kind

2. Hacking the Home to Hack the Office - The increasingly dense overlay of numerous connected devices, apps and web services used in our professional and private lives will grow the connected home’s attack surface to the point that it raises significant new risks for individuals and their employers

3. Weaponized AI Attacks on Cloud Platforms and Users - Attacks on cloud platforms and cloud users will weaponize AI and evolve into a highly polarized state where they are either “mechanized and widespread” or “sophisticated and precisely handcrafted”

4. New Mobile Payment Scams - As users become more and more reliant on mobile payments, cybercriminals will increasingly seek to exploit and defraud users with scam phishing or smsishing messages containing malicious payment URLs

5. Qshing: QR Code Abuse in the Age of COVID - Cybercriminals will seek new and ever cleverer ways to use social engineering and QR Code practices to gain access to consumer victims’ personal data.

6. Social Networks as Corporate Attack Vectors - McAfee predicts that sophisticated cyber adversaries will increasingly target, engage and compromise corporate victims using social networks as an attack vector