Samsung Introduces New Wifi Enabled Range Of Compact VRF Air Conditioning System For Homes And Commercial Establishments, In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Samsung Introduces New Wifi Enabled Range Of Compact VRF Air Conditioning System For Homes And Commercial Establishments, In India

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  • DVM S Eco is the most compact side discharge air conditioning system in the market

  • Can Connect up to 16 indoor units via Wi-Fi kit to remotely control air conditioning system 

Samsung has launched large capacity Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems in India that can be installed in just 0.5 sq metres of space in premium apartments, villas, bungalows, houses as well as commercial and retail establishments.


The new side discharge VRF system—DVM S Eco—promises an extremely efficient, eco-friendly and quiet air conditioning solution and offers a specialized single outdoor unit for affordable multi-room cooling.


The all new DVM S Eco unit is measured at a compact size of W940 x H1630 x D460 mm with a footprint of less than 0.5 sq metres, making it the most compact side discharge air conditioning system in the market. This makes it very easy and economical to install and operate without compromising on performance. It also leaves extra spaces that can be used for other purposes.


The WiFi enabled DVM S Eco series offers smart features such as voice control and connected home experience using SmartThings app on any smartphone. Each indoor unit can be controlled separately for enhanced convenience. To offer energy efficiency, current, daily, weekly or even monthly energy consumption can be monitored basis the usage of outdoor unit. DVM S Eco series provides ease of installation wherein up to 16 indoor units can be set up at once.


The innovative design of DVM S Eco features a robust Digital Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin, which enhances cooling performance. DVM S Eco comes in capacities ranging from 4HP to 14HP. It comes with a twin BLDC compressor that reduces torque variation by 75% further improving the stability of the moving parts along with the silent mode for night-time that limits the fan rpm and compressor frequency to reduce noise.


DVM S Eco series is compatible with PM 1.0 filters that provide comfortable cooling with purification down to 0.3microns particle size. These filters can be fitted in all kinds of indoor unit designs such as 4 Way Cassette, 360 Cassette and 1 Way Cassette.



Key Benefits for Users

Peak Demand Control

A key feature of DVM S Eco is a technology called Peak Demand Control, which simply limits power consumption. This is especially useful when the electrical supply is insufficient or when businesses want to block excessive and wasteful energy usage

Easy Installation

DVM S Eco’s innovative 4-way piping system has connections at the front, side, bottom and rear, giving much more flexible and ease of installation, making the unit the ideal choice when installing in small and narrow spaces.




High Elevation with Long Piping

DVM S Eco provides extended piping length of up to 150 metres between the outdoor and indoor units. It also works efficiently and reliably at an elevation of up to 50 metres, which is equivalent to 10 stories.

Digital Inverter Scroll Compressor

DVM S Eco features a Digital Inverter Scroll Compressor with a 6-pole 9-slot motor that helps in maintaining the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on which further leads to low power consumption. The optimized heat exchanger that combines corrugated fins with a newly designed fan enhances the heat exchange efficiency and delivers even greater energy savings. The highest capacity of up to 14HP makes it a perfect fit for bigger residential and commercial complexes.

Users have an option to add on a Wi-Fi® Kit (connect up to 16 indoor units) to remotely control their air conditioning system anytime, anywhere, subject to internet connectivity.

For more information on Samsung’s Back to Business solutions and offerings, please visit the Samsung DVM S Eco page on the Samsung website.

GURUGRAM, India – January 06, 2020