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The Fit Revolution Starts Here - A List Of Must-Haves Before You Start A Workout Session

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Coming fresh out of a pandemic, the year 2021 has brought increased focus on one’s health, something which doesn’t seem to fade away like earlier years. Besides maintaining hygienic surroundings, the pandemic has tipped the scales towards maintaining a healthy body and mind as well. With the increased time at home, fitness has become a major driver for youngsters in the country to work towards their overall wellbeing. To support your fitness goals, Flipkart brings to you a curated list of items to help you improve your performance and enjoy your workout sessions. Whether the goal is to bulk up or lean out, here is the list of all fitness and workout paraphernalia you can own to ensure a productive workout session.

Track the calories burnt

Smartbands are the most effective way to track the daily calories burnt, sleep patterns and heart rate. All you have to do is wrap it around your wrist and the rest will be taken care of. With this new smartband from OnePlus, you can track your vitals and look stylish at the same time! The band is waterproof and dust-resistant, so now you can go for a run in the rain or even a desert without thinking twice. 13 exercise modes and 14+ day battery backup to complement all kinds of workouts.




Music to pump up the adrenaline

Cancel out the noisy traffic and other disturbances with this Bose Sport Earbuds Bluetooth Headset. This headset provides premium quality audio and bass to match your pace while you workout. The device is also equipped with sweatproof technology so you can enjoy a rigorous session without worrying about the damage.





Breathe in, breathe out - effortlessly

Wearing a mask while working out can be literally exhausting. With this Fitness Training mask, you can go for a long run, trek in the mountains or even have a high-intensity workout session at the gym. You can even wear it while working out at home to improve your breathing capacity and stamina.



Arm band for mobility

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to carry your phone, wallet and other essentials while you're out for a run? With this arm band, you can store all the valuable items and enjoy an uninterrupted workout session. This arm band is spacious and equipped to hold large smartphones to keep you handsfree at all times!



Hydration is key

Maintaining a proper temperature for your beverages can be a tricky task, especially if you live in areas that witness extreme temperatures. With this temperature display thermos, you can enjoy a perfect beverage - whether it is a cold energy drink or a hot green tea, you can check the temperature of your beverage before consuming it. The sleek shape will also make it simple for you to carry it any time, anywhere.


Comfort is a must!

Up your athleisure look not just with style but also comfort to flex that perfect muscle. With these polyester blend blue track pants from Nike, you ought to run that extra mile or go for the dab pushup with ease! Pair them with a plain white tee and you are surely going to make heads turn.


A multi-functional shoe, never hurt nobody

Finding the perfect sneaker for a workout can be tricky. These multi - functional sneakers from Skechers provide you with an Ultra Flex midsole backed with superior impact cushioning protection and remarkable energy return. The soft woven stretch knit fabric makes it both comfortable and flexible for walking as well as training.

The Bag that fits all!

Whether you go to the gym or you are a sports enthusiast, having a gym bag is more than a necessity. This one from Reebok, has a durable exterior to withstand years of wear and tear and still looks nice enough for an overnight trip. It’s also easy to wash so you can get that gym smell out.


Track the weight loss or gain

Tracking the performance is also important because we don’t want your efforts to go unnoticed. With this digital weighing scale, you can not only track your weight gain or loss but also measure the fat composition. It comes with a USB cable so you can charge it conveniently when required.