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Lay Your Hands On The All New Affordable Eyewear From GKB Opticals!

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-Introduces new affordable range starting at INR 1890-





GKB Opticals, the leading optical retail chain with more than 50 years of legacy, has recently forayed into the affordable segment. GKB Opticals which offers quality eyewear from both international as well as home-grown brands, has added a new feather to its cap of offerings with this new range starting at price point of INR 1890 with no hidden costs.

This new range of affordable glasses exhibit sheer sophistication and style. It caters to all genders, ages and lifestyles, acknowledging the spirit of the ever so dynamic and eclectic trend and fashion conscious crowd of today.



This affordable range was launched to attract the style conscious masses who want to associate with a trusted brand and not compromise in the product quality. GKB Opticals aims to become the most trusted name which has an offerings for everyone in its kitty, be it high end or affordable. Their blended style of frames and technologically precise lenses are a sure win for customers.  Brands like Champ which caters to the kids and Inspira which deals with frames for the teens and mature will have the affordable range. The affordable sunglass range will be offered by brands like Coolers & Sundrive at any GKB Opticals store.



The new frames come with quality lenses, which are manufactured using German Technology.  The range will spoil one for choices ensuring that people with eye power do not need to compromise on aesthetics and price when it comes to vision correction and eye protection. GKB Opticals acknowledges the spirit of the dynamic trends and the fashion conscious contemporary crowd. The new collection of affordable eyewear is well suited for prescription glasses and blue light protection glasses thus adding on to its effectiveness and value as a whole.



India, 26th Feb, 2021