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Steps To Add Co-Host In Airmeet Event

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The host is the organiser of an event, who is responsible to ensure that the meeting/webinar is conducted in a smooth fashion. The co-host feature allows the host to share the advantages with another user/participant in the meeting. In the case of most of the virtual meeting applications / programmes, co-host can take charge of most controls – mute/unmute, allowing someone to attend the meeting, screen sharing, backstage etc.

Airmeet – an all in one, secure, simple and scalable solution for building real connections online allows host to assign two co-hosts in addition to the host. For an Airmeet event co-host can be assigned in two ways – through dashboard or session backstage.

Here are the steps to follow to assign a co-host:


1. Go to dashboard and create an event.

2. Select sessions from the left-hand side of the dashboard and click on +Add Session from the top right side of the page.

3. While creating a session, click on the +Add Co-host option.

4. Choose the team member to add him/her as co-host.

Session Backstage:

Please ensure that the speaker has to be on backstage to be made as a co-host.

1.      Go to backstage and click on the three-dot option.

2.      Select menu and then choose Manage Co-host option.

3.      Select the desired co-host.

4.      A pop-up message will inform everyone that a co-host is added.