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Casual Dating And Looking For An Emotional Connect While Dating: Report

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Daters Are Moving Beyond 


Gone are the days when the most popular as well as the only way of dating someone was ‘meeting in person’ over a cup of coffee or a lunch/dinner date at a restaurant, watching a movie together, sitting by the beach or going for long drives. Today, dating is much easier with online dating apps. Millennials are spending more time in finding partner with a similar vibe and getting to know each other by forming emotional connections over deeper conversations.



Over time, with evolving behaviour of daters and the increasing popularity of online dating, there are many trends that are playing a significant role in influencing the dating ecosystem. India’s leading dating platform QuackQuack with over 12 million Indian users; where one can meet several verified local singles and likeminded people for dating and matchmaking right away has shared some key insights into the dating behaviour of men and women. 



Key highlights of the report:


· While dating, the majority of the users are looking for emotional attachment than physical connection which means people are moving beyond casual dating and looking for an emotional connection. However, emotional attachment is more important to women compared to men - 73% of women in comparison to 55% of men prioritise emotional attachment.


· Meeting in person is the preferred choice of people between 21-30 age group as well as above age 31 as they seek to make real connections. On the contrary, 46% of youngsters (<20) would prefer virtual dating.


· Perhaps people want to keep their options open as a majority of them would continue using the dating app even after finding a partner. Additionally, men are most likely to do so as compared to women- 73% of men and 54% of women.


· The majority of people don't think a virtual date is enough to decide on a partner and would want to meet their date in person.



Further, the survey also highlights what people find most irritating while talking to someone on a dating app and the majority of people agree to "not getting a response from the person you expected" as the most irritating part. Also, among online daters, 76% of men as compared to 57% of women feel meeting new people is the best way to get over toxic relationships as they have more choices to choose from and find compatible partners.