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Indus App Bazaar April Monthly Collection Features ‘Stay At Home’ Apps

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An attempt by Indus App Bazaar to keep consumers informed, entertained, and safe at home during the on-going pandemic. 


About the collection 

Indus App Bazaar has come out with a new collection of apps to help users stay informed and entertained at home. Themed around ‘Stay at Home’, the new pool of content includes apps across various categories like apps providing verified Covid-19 information, shopping  entertainment, education, delivery, games, news, fitness, and payment. 





There are 80 applications in the Stay At Home April collection that users would be able to access in 12 Indian languages + English.


See below is the app usage on Indus App Bazaar in April 2020. 


            Games:                                    31.60% 

            Social                                       9.88% 

            Finance:                                   9.31% 

            Entertainment:                        5.77% 

            Lifestyle:                                  5.22% 

            Fitness:                                    3.82% 



As evidenced from the data above, April 2020 saw an uptick in gaming as a category, followed closely by social, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, and fitness. Speaking on the collection, Suniva Rawat, AVP, Indus App Bazaar, shares that, "For this month's collection we wanted to help surface applications that would add value during this tough period. We have given impetus to shopping, entertainment, education, delivery, trading, and productivity app categories."