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Tring Emerges As The Largest Celebrity Engagement Platform In India With Over 5000 celebrities

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·         The platform has over 5000 celebrities from across genres and regions



·         This milestone was achieved in less than 14 months since the company commenced operations


Social media’s rapid proliferation has played an instrumental role in bridging a conspicuous gap that existed between celebrities and fans. In the last year, this accessibility has been taken to the next level with India’s leading tech-enabled celebrity engagement platform - Tring. It made every celebrity-fan interaction personal, emotional and shareable. And in a short span of just 14 months since the company commenced operations, Tring has gone on to achieve a path breaking milestone with over 5000 celebrities available on the website for personalised interactions.




This segment is now witnessing a paradigm shift in how fans interact with their favourite icons and stars in the most personalized manner possible. Tring offered services from a little over 2400 celebrities in December 2020. In just 3 months since then, the platform has managed to more than double the available celebrities. This impressive roster includes 800 A-list stars, celebrities ranging from Bollywood and regional cinema, TV stars, OTT actors, movie stars to sports personalities, international artistes, singers, sportspersons, motivators and influencers, amongst others.




The technology platform is seeing greater demand across metro and mini-metros and a visible traction from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where users are excited and delighted that Tring assures them of an interaction via a video call or a video message from their favourite celebrity, who is miles away from them. Also, regional stars and local influencers are establishing their connect with their growing fan base.




Tring’s business services allow national and regional brands to leverage the services of celebrities to drive saliency, product efficacy and even brand adoption. Businesses are using these cost-effective celebrity services for increasing brand credibility, brand promotion, product launch, new branch opening, gifts for customers and dealers, amongst many other use cases. With fans and brands finding a new avenue to engage with celebrities, Tring has helped create an alternative source of revenue for its celebrities – with several celebrities on the platform earning Millions of Rupees as downtime income. The seamless connectivity and array of virtual services to choose from, clearly demonstrates the impact of this platform – and the leadership position that Tring occupies in this segment.



Further speaking about Tring’s future plans, he remarked, “One of the major differentiators for our platform has been our technology backbone that has got us to this position. We plan to make the platform as localised for the audiences across the country, ensuring seamless user experience and innovative service offerings, that help fans and brands to engage with celebrities in an easy, quick, transparent, convenient and cost-effective manner.”

14th April 2021, Mumbai