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OZiva Releases Plant-Based Vitamins & Minerals, Focusing On Building Immunity And Providing Holistic Nutrition

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The newly introduced range offers better absorption of nutrients with 100% natural ingredients as compared to regular vitamins available in the market


OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based nutrition, and wellness brand recently announced the launch of its newest range of plant-based vitamins and minerals. Aimed at providing better immunity, gut health, and nutrition, these products provide a revolutionary blend of 100% plant-derived ingredients that are better absorbed by the body compared to regular vitamins & minerals as they are available in a more bioavailable form. The range includes Bettr.C+ Bettr.D3K2+, Bettr.Zinc+, Bettr.Iron+, and Bettr. CalD3+. The nutritional superbrand is slated to launch more products in the same category.



Product Details:

OZiva Plant Based Bettr.D3K2+

OZiva Plant Based Bettr.D3K2+ helps strengthen the immune system, supports healthy bones, and enhances mood. 

•  Fortified with 400 IU Vitamin D3 and 55 mcg Vitamin K2 MK-7, it prevents calcium deposition in arteries and blood vessels.


•  It helps in improved bone health by activating special proteins. 


•  Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Curcumin, helps in building the immune system and supports anti-inflammation. 


•  Hypericum Perforatum helps in increasing focus and memory while Rosemary Extract and Ginkgo Biloba are critical in enhancing learning capacity.




OZiva Plant-based Bettr.C+

•  Made with 100% natural and standardized plant extracts of Vitamin C and Zinc, it enhances physical immunity and skin radiance It extends 40 mg of plant-based Vitamin C derived from RAAZen-C (a standardized plant extract for Vitamin C) and 6.5 mg plant-based Zinc derived from GZen-Zinc (a standardized plant extract for Zinc).


•  Antioxidant rich formula with bioflavonoids that helps boost immunity, fight pathogens and helps soothe the skin.


•  It also increases skin glow and radiance with a plant-based blend of RAAZen-C.

Other products in the range include OZiva Plant Based Bettr.Zinc+, OZiva Plant Based Bettr.CalD3+ and OZiva Plant Based Bettr.Iron+.

Prices starting from: Rs 599