Dollar Industries Limited's MD - Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta Talks About Impact Of Covid-19 Second Wave On Hosiery Industry - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

"Even after being weakened by last year's national lockdown and ongoing lockdowns in many regions, many primary businesses had recovered and were striving to manage the pent-up demand that had been created. Things got better — the pandemic had subsided, with daily infections just a fraction of what they had become, with a national vaccine campaign in full swing. The disastrous 2020 was beginning to fade away. The second outbreak of the COVID pandemic, however, is threatening to halt the revival of the country’s economy. 

With the cases increasing each day, it is very important to contain the spread of the virus and many states have started to resort to setting restrictions to prevent the surge in infections from overwhelming the medical infrastructure. Just like how we fought the virus during the 1st wave, we as a country need to come together and fight this out by following the protocols of social distancing and wearing a mask if we want to sail through this crisis again."