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Synq.Fit’s Connected Fitness Smart Bike To Provide You “Gym From Home” Experience

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With #NewNormal, health, immunity, and fitness have become the top concerns for everyone. Lockdown and social distancing measures have forced fitness and wellness to take a back seat with gyms either being closed or operating in a limited capacity. People today are more inclined towards virtual fitness classes. To address these concerns, Synq.Fit has launched one of its kind smart bikes for a smooth ‘gym from home’ experience. 

The trend for home exercise is on the rise, working out from the comfort of your own home is a big task but, Sync-Fit is one of the best at-home exercising equipment that can meet you and your family's lifetime fitness needs. With, users can feel the energy of live workouts, interact real-time with trainers.  

Synq.Fit bike is highly adjustable and comes with an HD android tablet Immersive, 1080p resolution screen brings the studio to the users, 15.6in display draws the users in like a one-on-one session with the instructors. connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, linking all your devices together. Users can connect to the fitness wearable’s or even play music while working out.


The belt drive technology makes the cycle extremely silent, allowing you to workout anytime. With no noise from the cycle, immerse yourself in peaceful music and go on a long ride any time. The equipment is compact, could easily fit even in small places, and convert them into your fitness studio. The design of the bike makes it quite easy to move the cycle around the house. Sturdy high-quality build quality ensures years of hassle-free operation. The multipoint adjustment system allows you to change the position of the handlebar, the seat, and even the screen. 

Synq.Fit bike provides users with a whole new way of experiencing connected fitness in this digital world with a monthly subscription to trainer-led live workouts and archived workouts for up to 4 people in a household. Not being dependent on shared equipment at a gym, when you can easily replicate your fitness routine in the comfort of your home with a wide range of interactive, trainer-led workouts streamed live on the Synq.Fit bike. 

New Delhi, April 2021