HiVoco Launches First Voice-Tech Enabled Panchantra Series On Covid Preparedness For Kids - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

HiVoco Launches First Voice-Tech Enabled Panchantra Series On Covid Preparedness For Kids

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The world’s first ever Voice-Interactive Stories Series for Children – Panchtantra goes live

HiVoco, India's First Voice-Tech Education & Learning App has launched World’s first Voice-Interactive Stories Series for Children – Panchtantra Interactive. Panchtantra Stories for teaching kids about Covid Appropriate Behaviour in a unique combination of child psychology & pandemic science. 

With the 3rd wave of the current pandemic expected to affect kids upto 15 years the interactive stories will guide younger kids to embrace good hygiene habits in a mission-critical way by REASSURING them, EDUCATING them, giving them a POSITIVE ROLE in the household.

The Panchtantra interactive stories include Self Hygiene practices which are medically prescribed including washing hands periodically, using hand-sanitizers, using disinfectants, wearing masks along with mental & emotional well being. HiVoco is also focusing on creating a bank of popular stories from mythology, history and science to build a "Values Based Learning" And apply the 5W1H model in storytelling so that a child gets a 360 degree view of the matter.

HiVoco is a first of a kind 2-way audio interactive platform where the best teachers and story-tellers around the world provide interactive content and quizzes to children of 4-10 years of age. HiVoco (Voco stands for Voice Companion), is a platform where students learn from over 5000 questions, lessons and stories. The app uses multiple voice-tech tools through its proprietary technology developed for high quality audio content delivering life-like conversations. 

HiVoco is globally KidSafeTMCertified. The company aims to have at least 80% of the content available for free use throughout so that every child has an opportunity to access high quality content & conversational learning with the philosophy of #TechForGood.

HiVoco was founded by Pritesh Chothani who is a marketer by experience with the DNA of an entrepreneur, Pritesh's varied experience and his future-forward approach exposed him to some exciting and cutting-edge technologies that led to the inception of HiVoco. With over 15 years of sales & marketing leadership roles in leading global corporate brands including Coca-Cola India, Whirlpool of India, Dunkin Donuts, Godfrey Phillips India and Radio Mirchi, he brings in rich experience of building winning teams & winning brands



The Mobile Application is currently live on Google Play store and the iOS version will be launched in June 2nd week, 2021.


For more information, visit -

HiVoco Android Application available for download on Google Play Store


New Delhi, June 9