Muvi To Organise 2nd Virtual Recruitment Drive For 2021 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Fuelled by an aggressive growth and expansion plans, Muvi will significantly increase its staff at their Global Development Centre based in Bhubaneswar 



Banking on the huge success of their virtual recruitment drives held in Q1 2020, Muvi - the leading provider of cloud-based audio and video streaming services, is conducting yet another edition of their virtual recruitment drive to achieve its aggressive expansion plans. The drive will be conducted on the 31st July 2021 (Saturday), between 10 am to 2 pm where selected candidates will be interviewed by the HR team. Interested candidates are requested to register themselves at the form given in the recruitment page or send an email to The last few online recruitment drives witnessed a turn around of over 300 registrations for 100 vacancies.



With over 50 vacancies across 15 job profiles, Muvi is inviting experienced software developers to hire in the areas of Engineering, Cloud Computing and other emerging technology verticals such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. The company is also seeking non-technical individuals for their  Marketing and Product Management divisions. 

Hired candidates will work full time with the Muvi team, and will be based out of their Global Development Center in Bhubaneswar depending on the job they have applied for, while some non-technical hirings will pertain to remote working facilities. Senior members of the HR and recruitment team will be on hand to interview everyone who attends the virtual event. 

Muvi owes its success to its diverse and dedicated team of talented employees, united across geographical and cultural boundaries to achieve excellence. Muvi employees enjoy tremendous opportunities to learn, grow and succeed both professionally and personally. 



Interested candidates can register themselves by visiting our Recruitment Page or the company’s official social media handles.



Marketing Contact: 

26 July 2021, Bhubaneshwar