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Pretture - Upgrading Your Operations With Technology

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The Post Covid era has seen major changes in the way of working and many businesses have switched towards the digital side. While digital is changing the way you communicate, technology is creating a new experience by changing the way you function. 
In the past year, brands have moved to online stores due to unavailability of offline access to their customers, with technology playing a bigger role in automating things and speeding up the work. 

Stepping in here, Pretture, coined from Pret & Couture, is the coolest cloud solution for Fashion, Lifestyle & Home Decor startups and is already becoming brand's favourite. Loved by country's leading brands from Woolmark Winners Rahul Mishra, Bodice or brides' favourites ones like Anamika Khanna, Gaurav Gupta, Raw Mango to the coolest ones like House of Masaba, Papa Don't Preach or Daily Objects, Pretture has become the backbone of these brands' business operations. 
While researching the problems of the industry, Pretture Founder- Krishna Tiwari, the technology enthusiast from IIT Bombay went across factories in Noida, Faridabad to the swanky boutiques at Mehrauli or Kala Ghoda as well as the warehouses in Kolkata to Ahmedabad and understood the viewpoints of every stakeholder over the time, be it store managers, merchandisers, production managers, inventory managers, accounts managers as well as brand managers, it was not a surprise that every stake holder of an organisation, big or small, had different expectations as well as fears from a so called 'software' or a business 'App'. Krishna could feel the need of a technology solution, a solution extremely simple yet intelligent enough to cater to the different requirements of all the team members as well as provide relevant data and solutions at the same time. 
With the best research in place, Pretture was able to come up with various plug-n-play modules over the time, keeping tech savvy as well as old schools, large as well as small teams in mind. 
"The idea behind Prêtture was to empower and provide the simplest & smartest solution to all the stake holders of the industry whether a team of 2 or more than 200" - Krishna Tiwari, IIT Bombay (Founder and Brain behind Prêtture).
The modules ranges from managing 'made to orders' received from Showrooms, Shockists, Wholesalers as well as ones Website as Pretture is very well integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce or Wix, provides an automatic TnA production plan based on delivery dates, helps in prioritising orders as well as sends proactive alerts in case of any future delay that might happen in a 'production' stage. Most important aspect is being able to manage the 'inventory' in real-time across all the stock points be it ones factory as well as stock that goes across stylists, stockists or events. By providing a visual summary, Pretture helps in understanding the reports in the best way possible such as the best selling styles and colors or the everyday sales through 'POS' along with the 'raw material' availability and shortfall. In the words of Mr. Sagar Chhabra, Business Head at House of Masaba- "Pretture is the best Inventory Management & POS system for Fashion"
Recently, Pretture has also launched its lite version with affordable subscription in order to support small brands and startups who can choose from various module options of Orders, Inventory & POS, Production and Raw Materials, which is already getting a lot of traction from small Entrepreneurs who have a limited budget and a small team as well as a fear of being able to operate it. Pretture provides hand holding to their teams so as to help them Go live and operate smoothly.
With Pretture becoming the backbone of brands' operations, it is set to reach 1000 brands soon.

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