ViewSonic India Becomes No.1 IFP Brand And Overall e-Learning Solution Of The Year, Preserving Its Momentum In 2021 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

ViewSonic India Becomes No.1 IFP Brand And Overall e-Learning Solution Of The Year, Preserving Its Momentum In 2021

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New Delhi, India | 8th July 2021



~ViewSonic is committed to delivering innovative hybrid learning solutions and sculpting the future of education. ~


ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, becomes No. 1 IFP brand in the Indian education sector, increasing its market share up to 52% in the first quarter of 2021. They have also doubled the market share from 17% to 36% in 2020, and therefore, clocking a growth of over 100%. Additionally, they have recently been awarded ‘Overall e-Learning Solutions of the Year’, thereby, preserving their thrust. By providing the hybrid educational model during the new normal, ViewSonic is committed to delivering the most immersive and innovative education solutions and shaping the educational landscape.


ViewSonic has developed hybrid learning solutions that will continue to play an essential role given the "new normal" in education. We have contributed towards the digital revolution of the education sector in India during the pandemic and established ourselves as the Leading EdTech Provider Solution with integrated software, myViewBoard visual learning platform and hardware products such as ViewBoard Interactive Displays, Collaborative Projectors, Touch monitors and Writing Devices. Considering the social distancing requirements, as soon as the educational institutions get back on its feet, hybrid learning model will be the new normal and necessity. ViewSonic is committed to delivering more innovative education solutions and shaping the future of education while standing by educators.


The education sector is witnessing a major shift in the learning model given the current situation. Therefore, ViewSonic adopted the display learning method and laid emphasis on the fact that it is extremely imperative to provide the right technology and new teaching approach for a more personalized teaching-learning experience. Attributing to the need for distance learning, ViewSonic is connecting teachers and students by providing online lessons at their home with solutions such as touch monitors, writing devices and a digital whiteboard experience to prioritize learning and engagement. We have partnered with educators to achieve sustainable success and better learning outcomes.

With the recently launched hi-tech digital tools, ViewSonic aims to bring a digital revolution in the education industry. Integrated cloud storage, built in educational video teaching platform, free of cost subscriptions, integrated suite of hardware and software solutions, total integration, easy transition, improved flexibility, and ViewSonic's award-winning technology can respond to the ever-evolving needs of the modern educator.



The whole ecosystem of myViewBoard visual learning platform gives enhanced and immersive experience to the users. With the evolution of hybrid learning, students can learn anywhere at any time with the ease of internet connectivity. ViewSonic has transformed more than 1000 classrooms in India till date.



Providing technology in rural education, for sure, is harder than it is for a tech-abundant society but with the right resources and support of the local stakeholders, students from these parts of India can equally benefit from technology. Today Indian government is investing heavily in the edtech sector to provide them with an equal opportunity of learning.