Launches Armour365™ Voice Biometrics Software Based On Patented Technologies - GADGET-INNOVATIONS Launches Armour365™ Voice Biometrics Software Based On Patented Technologies

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  • Armour365™ Voice Biometrics comes with top-of-the-line features like anti-spoof layer, replay attack detection, and one enrollment 
  • Offers both active and passive voice verification in <2 secs with an Equal Error Rate (EER) of sub 2% a frontrunner in Conversational AI and voice security domain today announced the launch of its home-grown Voice Biometrics software. Christened armour365™, the biometric solution boasts of path-breaking features to cater to new and emerging risks in fraud prevention and information security. armour365™ Voice Biometrics works on 300 plus proprietary audio features and comes with out-of-the-box integrations to multiple contact center software providers and messaging apps.  



The solution is equipped with top-of-the-line features like “anti-spoof layer”, “replay attack detection” and “one enrollment” to offer unparalleled security and CX for industries such as Contact Centers, Banks, Defence, Healthcare, etc. for applications ranging from omnichannel customer authentication to secured access to sensitive devices.  



In recent years, the world has seen a manifold rise in online threats. Stealers and impersonators finding new hacks to access sensitive customer info and commit fraud. Given this state, it is imperative to have a fool-proof security system in place. armour365™ can be implemented and integrated into any CRM for seamless authentication without the need for codingor a device interface. plans to host the offering on major cloud marketplace platforms for customers and developers to take advantage of competitive pricing and ease of accessing the solutions through APIs.  


Bangalore, September 21, 2021