Fujifilm Instax Calls Consumers To Celebrate, Capture And Cherish Festive Moments With Its New Digital Campaign - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Fujifilm Instax Calls Consumers To Celebrate, Capture And Cherish Festive Moments With Its New Digital Campaign

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· The digital ad campaign promotes the values of togetherness and a harmonic lifestyle in a regular household, with Fujifilm’s INSTAX – “PERFECT GIFT’’ for every occasion




Fujifilm India, the visionary leader in innovation and technology, launched a series of digital ads signifying the importance of capturing moments that consumers hold close to their hearts, with a device that would capture them perfectly. The campaign focuses around a young household celebrating Diwali and the daughter creating memories that would last a lifetime using the Fujifilm Instax – the perfect gift for every occasion.





These digital ads showcase how by availing the extremely affordable offers by Fujifilm India on the Instax special gift box this festive season along with a range of other products, customers can make this Diwali a memorable one, by cherishing, capturing, and celebrating small moments with Fujifilm’s INSTAX. 




This slice-of-life digital campaign is based on the idea of gifting instant memories', where a young girl who resides in a joint-family household and how she brings everyone together using an Instax instant camera. This digital ad tells a tale of the bond a family shares when they all come together to participate in auspicious and holy festivities. It propels the idea of togetherness and cherishing, capturing and celebrating those important moments when we all come together in harmony and spend joyful time with our near-and-dear ones.





It highlights the paramount feature and utility of the Fujifilm Instax Mini, that is, it creates lasting memories in a matter of minutes. Such digital ad campaigns truly represent what Fujifilm stands for- “Creating value through innovation”.





Since its foray into the Indian market, Fujifilm India has embarked on a mission to develop products and offerings that would be adaptable to suit the Indian way of living and residing. Our products offer great quality at extremely affordable prices. This is the reason why the brand has prospered even in a nation that is extremely diverse, both demographically and geographically. Fujifilm India will stop at nothing to continue its journey forward in the search for greater technological advancements and innovatively designed products.





Click here ->  https://youtu.be/1XC16ZnrcJU - for an exclusive view into the campaign, created by Arjun Kartha from Twogetherstudios and shot on Fujifilm mirrorless cameras.

National, 14 October, 2021