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  • Haier features women achievers Dr. Arunima Sinha, Dr. Seema Rao, Harika Dronavalli, and Anissa Lamare in a series of new TVCs – ‘Perform Big, Silently’ to hail tribute for breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries
  • Haier showcases its latest 929 series Washing Machine - super silent with a super drum featuring other innovative functions that make it a one-of-its-kind laundry appliance in the competitive consumer durables industry




Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics today launched a series of new TVCs titled ‘Perform Big, Silently’ featuring notable women highfliers - Indian mountain climber – Dr. Arunima Sinha; India’s first woman commando trainer – Dr. Seema Rao; Indian Female Chess Grandmaster - Harika Dronavalli; and Female Mountain Biker - Anissa Lamare. Haier’s new campaign is an extension to its ‘Silent Performers’ campaign that acknowledges the determination and efforts of Indian women achievers and athletes who continue to ‘Perform Big, Silently’, letting their work speak for everything and have made India proud at the global stage with their triumphs.

The new TVCs channel the power of being a silent performer and give a peek into the challenges, conviction and strength of each woman achiever –



  • Dr. Arunima Sinha, the world’s first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest in 2013, a train accident did not stop her and made her dreams even bigger. She is now an inspiration for all amputees around the world to think big and achieve it with passion.
  • Dr. Seema Rao, India’s first woman commando trainer and India’s wonder woman having trained Indian Armed Forces for over two decades without compensation - broke the stereotype of the society and owned bigger with her dreams and achievements
  • Harika Dronavalli, Indian Chess Grandmaster who has won three bronze medals in the Women's World Chess Championship, Arjuna Award, and Padma Shri - proved that school and age have nothing to do with big achievements because big move starts within you. She is the second Indian woman to become a grandmaster
  • Anissa Lamare, India’s first and only female downhill racer with her dose of courage, dominated a male-driven downhill racing sport and left big impressions on the trail reserved for men

Storyboard: The new campaign reflects how the brand mirrors its values and convictions with the real silent performers of India who are not swayed by camera flashes, red carpets, and are focused to ‘Perform Big, Silently’. The TVCs give center stage to women achievers and highlight how they have pushed boundaries to bring pride to India on international platform. Their commitment and hard work coincide with Haier's philosophy of ‘Inspired Living’. Through their riveting stories, these women continue to lead by example, inspiring several women to break barriers and question the status quo to emerge victorious in their respective fields. Haier salutes and celebrates their excellence, performance, and strength that act as an inspiration to live better and bigger, not just louder.

When it comes to campaigns, Haier always displays originality and innovation in its overall conceptualization and communication. Following the core brand philosophy of 'Inspired Living’, Haier derives inspiration from listening to the consumer needs to create solutions that complement their evolving lifestyles.

The TVC created in collaboration with Famous Innovations will premiere across all leading national and regional TV channels. For a wider reach, the TVC will be aired in Hindi and English.




This is the second series of TVCs launched by Haier under the larger campaign theme of ‘Silent Performers’, first introduced by the brand in 2019 with India's ace sportswomen - Dipa Karmakar, Hima Das, and Simranjit Kaur. The campaign showcases the consistent effort of Haier to give the spotlight to women achievers who have pushed boundaries in the pursuit of their passion, going against all odds to let their success speak for itself. Through this theme of 'Perform big, Silently', Haier highlights its latest Super Drum Series of Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines which feature one of the biggest drums in India. Designed to function super silently, the new washing machines come equipped with innovative features such as AI-DBT (Dynamic Balance Technology), PuriSteam®, and Anti Bacterial Technology® that result in a superior laundry experience. 




 New Delhi, October 1, 2021