This festive season let your loved ones firmly delve into the powerful music with AIWA’s new luxury acoustic range - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

This festive season let your loved ones firmly delve into the powerful music with AIWA’s new luxury acoustic range

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The Festival of Lights is just around the corner, families, and friends will come together to celebrate the warm spirit of this joyous festival. With the festive season in full swing, surprise your loved ones with the Luxury Acoustics Range of Speakers from AIWA. These new high-fidelity devices will fulfill the requirements of audiophiles, music enthusiasts looking for exclusivity, luxury, and high-quality sound.




The new stylish range is portable, with high-power rechargeable batteries, and can be used both at the home and outdoors. These speakers are available on Amazon, Reliance Digital, Select Partner Stores and also on aiwa india’s website. For more than 7 decades, Technology and Innovation have been at the core of the Aiwa products and these products carry the legacy forward.









AIWA’S MI –X450 PRO ENIGMA- comes with the best-in-class audio component with a twist of retro styling design. The device has some extraordinary features installed to enjoy the classic festive season. Engineered with two wireless mics for singing along and a recording facility to record. MI-X450 PRO ENIGMA gives you an entrancing experience to sing on your favorite karaoke track jamming along with your loved ones.


AIWA’S SB-X350J- a compact high-performance desk speaker with a calm yet commanding character. This comes with two custom-designed 40 mm active audio drivers and a large battery backup enabling them 3 hours of charging time and 5 hours of playback time. 


 AIWA’S SB-X350A- If you are a full-time music enthusiast, this can be your ideal landing choice. SB-X350 A has solid aluminum build with a high luxe finish and a class reading sub-compact portable speaker. Equipped with two opposite-facing bass radiators, packing 40 watts of power with Type-C charging. The best choice to deliver an immersive cinematic experience, anywhere and anytime.


 if your loved ones are out traveling and partying with friends don’t worry the new range is the has best devices to accompany them. So, this time rather than giving the regular ethnic gifts, switch on to something more unique and worthwhile.



The new range is available across Reliance digital and