Even Santa loves a good picture: This Christmas, gift memories to your loved ones with Instax - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Even Santa loves a good picture: This Christmas, gift memories to your loved ones with Instax

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The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas, is just around the corner. The spirit of Christmas truly embodies the joy of coming home to celebrations, feasts, gifts and your loved ones. The true spirit of the holiday cheer lies in the joy of giving, sharing and spreading happiness. Much like Fujifilm’s wide range of Instax cameras which stands true to the spirit of the season.




Giving gifts to your close ones is a symbol of love, care and spreading happiness. This year make your friends and family feel the love by giving them valuable and useful presents. With Fujifilm’s range of Instax and digital still camera cameras, one can easily find a way to ensure that celebrations and special moments in life, forever stay cherished in memoirs transporting them to the nostalgic world instantly.




Fujifilm made your gift giving selection process easier and curated a list of cherry-picked best cameras that are the perfect gifting options for your loved ones.





Instax Mini LiPlay

LiPlay, the compact 2-in-1 hybrid instant camera fits just about anywhere and offers a wide variety of filters and frames. Don't underestimate it to be the smallest, when it comes to having fun, this is your go-to buddy. This little gadget provides you with everything under one umbrella. It has a smart printer, an LCD screen, the sound recording setting, a remote control that helps you to control the camera directly from your smartphone via the app.



Available in Stone White, Elegant Black, Blush Gold for Rs. 11,249.





Instax Mini 11

This magnificent gem helps you to capture precious memories of your loved ones with just one click. And when it comes to its features, you’ll love it all. It has automatic exposure that makes sure no one gets lost in the background and it makes your selfie game strong with its ‘selfie mode’. You can even customize it with straps and jewels.



Who doesn't love pastel colors and subtle tones? It is available in five colors Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White and Lilac Purple colors for INR 5,699.






Mini 11 BTS Butter Version Instant Camera – Limited Edition

The Instax Mini 11 BTS Butter version, like all Instax Mini 11 cameras, is designed to combine optimal portability with a fresh, trendy look. The BTS Butter version takes this look and adds special accents for BTS fans, including a vibrant Butter Yellow body with a colorfully designed bezel and matching shoulder strap, along with fun shutter button accessories including a jeweled look and the Butter heart emblem. The camera is full of exciting and innovative features that include - automatic exposure function for better pictures day or night, selfie mode for quick and easy selfies, sleek design with attention to detail, and new mini film variety featuring a vivid yellow border full of the trademark BTS Butter heart insignia.

It is available at a price of INR 9,999.





Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera

It includes programmed electronic shutter, real image finder with target spot, automatic exposure control, constant firing flash and several other features. The “Automatic Exposure” function inevitably detects the ambient light level when the shoot button is pressed and adjusts the shutter speed and flash output according to the situation. It allows users to take well-portrayed images regardless of the circumstances, producing high-quality photo printing right there.

It is available at a price of INR 8,199.





Instax Mini 11 Gift Box

Fujifilm’s design squad have poured all their creativity into the Instax mini 11 gift box. From the transparent frosting on the lens to the debossed Instax logo on the reverse, the slim mini 11 camera has been crafted with plenty of attention to even the smallest of details just like the gift box consisting it. The gift box consists of an Instax Mini 11 Camera, Instax Mini Film Pack, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, Camera Strap, Warranty Card and an Instruction Manual. It is a perfect gift for every occasion!

Available at INR 5,799.





Instax Square SP3 Printer

It is a portable instant printer, with a functioning similar to Instax Mini 11 only without the optics. You can select your best shots from your smartphone and get Instax prints by just transferring the shots from the Instax Share app to SP-3 via Wi-Fi connection. It comes in color variations of black and white and has options of various filters and template options to choose the print from. A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 13 seconds from print data transfer to print output. At the same time, printing noise is lower which makes your printing experience much more enjoyable. Portable, speedy and super classy this printer is a match made in heaven for smartphones.

Available at INR 11,999.