Neumann Partnership with Chordfather Productions for an all Neumann Dolby Atmos Music Mix Setup at Mumbai - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Neumann Partnership with Chordfather Productions for an all Neumann Dolby Atmos Music Mix Setup at Mumbai

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Exclusive Experience & Listening sessions for Business partners/Industry professionals only






Extending industry professionals and audio experts a reason to cherish, Neumann in collaboration with Chordfather productions announced the launch of its exclusive Studio Monitor Experience center for audio professionals in Mumbai. India is one of the few countries worldwide to have a Neumann Monitors experience center and additional zones will follow in near future across India.

In a quaint neighborhood of Mumbai, India, is situated a cozy place where magic happens!  Built with love and designed with a vision, Sunny M.R.’s Chordfather Productions speaks volumes of his passion for fast paced technology while being deeply connected to essence of eternal experimentation, which incidentally is one of the first few in the country to proudly boast of a Neumann collaboration.

Chordfather Productions caters to a whole wide gamut of professionals, creating and delivering high end content spanning across various platforms. Being the first ones across the country, the Neumann experience at Chordfather Productions consists of a Dolby Atmos Music Mix Room with 7.1.4 configuration and Two Stereo rooms for Music Production, Mixing and Mastering for Bollywood Films and Indie Music Artistes. The mixing room is professionally calibrated for optimum clarity and frequency response for industry standard music production, monitoring, mixing and mastering services.



Chordfather Productions houses the most cutting-edge technology and an arsenal of various Analog gear. The Atmos Music monitoring setup has 11 of KH 310 speakers and Dual KH 810 Subwoofers, driving the space that is closest to his heart, which is filled with every variety of synths that are his prized possessions. Given the experience and expertise in the music industry, Sunny M.R.’s admiration for Neumann equipment has only grown over the years. Chordfather Studio is a Haven for the old as well as new and upcoming artists who can come together and form a beautiful community of like-minded music professionals and admirers alike.


Neumann is a reputed brand Globally and in India. Known for its stride in innovation in the professional audio space. Neumann monitors include solutions for all room sizes, working ranges, mounting options, networking standards and even most demanding industry specifications. Analog and DSP options are included, as well as unparalleled subwoofer technology. One of the latest additions to the series is an automatic alignment/room calibration kit, jointly developed with the leading audio experts from Fraunhofer Institute.

Mumbai, 8th December 2021