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Lenovo Smart Clock 2 launched with an innovative design and Wireless Charging Dock feature

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The latest Smart Clock 2 with a Wireless Charging Dock from Lenovo is the ultimate solution for a smart bedside companion



Lenovo, the global technology leader, today announced the Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock in India, to extend its smart home solutions. The latest version of the Smart Clock is an intelligent home solution for users to help them conveniently manage their schedule, enjoy music, control other smart devices, and more from the comfort of their bedroom thanks to Google Assistant. This latest Smart Clock is also bundled with a Wireless Charging Dock enabling users to charge multiple devices at once.








Built for the bedroom 

With its Heather Grey colour designed to blend in with any decor, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 features a fabric soft-touch cover and a 10.16 cms (4“) color touchscreen display that showcases the time, weather, photos with a choice of customizable clock faces. Users can seamlessly set up Google Photos albums through their phone and set them as clock faces and relive precious memories while checking the time. This Smart Clock allows users to do more hands-free, from setting reminders & alarms, getting answers, checking the traffic while getting ready to step out, to controlling other smart devices like TVs, ACs, Lights etc., with Google Assistant on the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 all that a user needs to do is “ask”.

Kickstart your day, unwind in the evening 


Users can start their day better by keeping on top of all their daily tasks & schedule. For example, users can ask Google to check their next meeting time or play some music while preparing for the day and much more. Users can also unwind by playing white noise with a single command or enjoy a guided meditation session to soothe their mind and body before bed.




A great bedside companion


With the Wireless Charging Dock, users can now keep their nightstand clutter-free and do away with multiple chargers while charging two additional devices at once with the Smart Clock 2. The charging dock delivers fast charge to the devices while users sleep carefree throughout the night. Another exciting feature of this perfect bedside companion is the built-in nightlight when docked. This nightlight is just bright enough to illuminate the way without bothering anyone else. Improved front firing speakers allow users to enjoy their favorite music, radio, audiobooks, podcasts or more while resting in bed. 





Pricing and Availability


Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock is available in Heather Grey color for INR 6,999. It will go on sale on 7th January 2022, across Lenovo.com, Flipkart.com, Reliance Digital, and will be later available in Lenovo offline retail channels.




Summary of features: Lenovo Smart Clock 2

  • Processor : MediaTek MT8167S
  • Operating System : Google Assistant
  • Speaker : 1.5" 3W Front-Firing Speakers
  • Microphone : 1 x Farfield Microphone Array
  • RAM + ROM : RAM 1 GB + Flash 8 GB
  • Bluetooth® : Bluetooth® 4.2
  • Display : 10.16 cms (4") LCD IPS
  • Weight : Starting at 298 g (0.66 lbs)
  • Exterior Materials : Soft Touch Fabric
  • Mute : Microphone Mute Toggle
  • Touch : Touchscreen
  • Buttons : Volume +/-
  • Expandability : Docking Capable with Pogo Pin




Summary of features: Wireless Charging Dock

  • Ports : USB-A, Pogo Pin
  • Wireless Charger : 5W, 7.5W, 10W
  • Fast Charging
  • Nightlight : 11 Lumes
  • Wireless Charging : Yes
  • Magnetic : MagSafe Compatible




BANGALORE, INDIA  January 07, 2021