Hathway, India’s Largest Internet & Cable Tv Operator Partnered With Haptik To Build DIVA - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Hathway, India’s Largest Internet & Cable Tv Operator Partnered With Haptik To Build DIVA

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Hathway, India’s largest internet & cable tv operator, partnered with Haptik to build DIVA, an Interactive Virtual Assistant to drive faster customer responses, and enhance customer service




Jio Haptik Technologies Limited, one of the world’s largest conversational AI companies and a subsidiary of Reliance Jio Platforms, today shared Hathway’s success after launching DIVA - an intelligent virtual assistant. Hathway partnered with Haptik to leverage Conversational AI to stay ahead of the curve and improve customer retention.

Hathway is focused on providing the best possible experiences for its 11M+ subscribers and constantly strives to empower its users with best-in-class support. The advent of COVID-19 accelerated the move to ‘Work from Home’, subsequently causing a shift in customer expectations. More and more customers started raising queries, complaints, and requests on Hathway’s digital platforms such as App, Selfcare & Website.

With the goal of driving faster customer responses, and substantially elevating customer service, Hathway partnered with Haptik to build DIVA, which essentially helps with:

        Delivering instant 24/7 resolution to queries such as poor internet connectivity, slow speed, internet unavailability, and other WiFi-related queries


        Automatically creating tickets for unresolved issues


        Providing on-demand support for tasks such as requesting invoices, getting payment receipts, updating GSTN, etc.


        Capturing leads and building a robust sales pipeline


        Sharing relevant offers and promotions to existing users


        Renewal of customer plans through strategic payment integrations


        AI-powered recommendations to help users choose the best-suited plan based on their requirements



And the results speak for themselves! DIVA has successfully handled 2.7 million conversations so far and has improved First Response Time (FRT) and Issue identification by 98.3%. DIVA has also improved First Time Resolution for technical & Billing issues collectively by 95%.


Monday, February 7, 2022, India