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Vinod Cookware’s Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers Completed 30 Years

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"With over 3 decades of trust under its belt, the company now aims to foray into the online market by targeting the digitally-inclined millennials"


Known as the pioneer for developing the Sandwich Bottom (SAS) Pressure Cookers in India, Vinod Cookware has been delivering a wide range of hygienic and healthy cookers for more than 30 years now.




With everything taking a digital turn, Vinod Intelligent Cookware entered the online market to extend its connection with its existing customer base as well as establish an affinity among young adults to deliver products that would support their fast-moving life.











Their premium range of stainless steel pressure cookers is indeed the best fit. They come with hygienic stainless steel along with a lock lid and Gasket Release System to ensure maximum safety and good health. The unique impact-bonded 5 mm thick aluminium encapsulated (SAS) base transfers heat uniformly and quickly to save energy and cooking time.





The brand boasts a catalogue of a wide range of cookers such as deep-pan pressure cookers, duo pan combo sets, Outer Lid, Inner Lid, Straight-shaped, Belly-shaped, & multi-use cookers. 





All of these are available on the company website as well as on Amazon, Nykaa, Paytm, ShoppersStop, & Myntra with a decent price range between 1.5k-6k.


Link to buy Sandwich Bottom Pressure Cookers:







16th February 2022, Mumbai