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Revolt Motorcycles clock 5 Crore kilometers on Indian roads

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~ Revolters across 7 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Hyderabad collectively travelled the smart journey




~ Helped protecting the environment by saving over 474,374 KGs of CO2 emissions and saved 600,000 litres

Revolt Motors, India’s next gen-mobility company has marked 5 crore kilometers on its AI-enabled electric motorcycles on Indian roads. Revolters from across 7 cities collectively clocked this milestone number and contributed to reducing 474,374 lakh KGs of CO2 emissions as compared to the same number of KMs done on ICE motorcycles. This is equivalent to planting around 20,578 trees, which is a clear indication of the company’s strategy to provide a cleaner greener tomorrow for the generations to come.

With an aim to create a future of AI enabled next-gen mobility with 100% accessibility and 0% fuel residue, Revolt Motor’s constant endeavor is to enable ‘smart’ in the world of automobiles. The Revolt EVs are eco-friendly, green & clean and the motorcycle’s lithium-ion batteries not only reduce the rate of generating emissions, but also enable an uncompromised performance.

Out of 7 cities across the country, Delhi has made the most significant contribution of 36.5% towards sustaining the environment followed by Pune with 21%. The rest of the nation also chimed into the revolution. In addition to this, Pune was the most economical city in terms of range and achieved an average of 108.08 kms followed by other key cities including Coimbatore, Delhi, Vizag, Chennai and Ahmedabad with an average of 100+ kms during their journey on their Revolt motorcycles. The company also contributed towards saving 600,000 litres of fuel through this combined journey.

The company has recently added a first-of-its kind update to its ‘My Rides’ option in MyRevolt app. The functionality of My Rides tab has been enhanced with this new update which allows users to track their contribution towards protecting the environment by highlighting the total fuel and carbon emissions saved during their ride on their favorite Revolt motorcycle.

The application not only helps users view the overall summary of the ride with total distance travelled but also provides data on the fuel cost and CO2 emissions saved during their ride. The update shows the no. of reduced KGs of CO2 emissions as compared to the same number of KMs done on ICE motorcycles. The update also lets users evaluate the no. of trees being planted through the carbon savings.

National, March 03, 2022