Sahaj Software Introduces its first-ever brand campaign to establish its brand values through unique storytelling - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Sahaj Software Introduces its first-ever brand campaign to establish its brand values through unique storytelling

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Sahaj Software, an artisanal software engineering firm with offices across 4 continents, today announced its first-ever brand campaign to amplify the company’s brand identity globally. The 4-film campaign, in partnership with HATCH, an experiential marketing agencyfocuses on the four value pillars of the brand - trust, respect, craftsmanship and curiosity - that the company instils in its everyday operations to create custom-built software solutions.




The 7-year-old organization has been charting a brave, bold path as it unlocks the full potential of data for companies seeking a competitive edge. Sahaj’s consultants are artisans who elevate solutioning to a form of art. The way of working and culture bears a similar stamp of inventiveness - compact teams work in a team structure devoid of traditional roles, a solution is the outcome of a rich, collaborative effort that combines the best of both worlds - the client’s understanding of the business and Sahaj’s technical expertise. Further, salaries are open, there is no hierarchy and leaves are unlimited. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it is anchored by trust, respect, curiosity and craftsmanship.




When these cornerstones needed an outward expression, the company channelled its refreshing way of thinking into creative expression. Sahaj Software’s first-ever brand campaign introduces its core values through four animated films set in a carnival with characters conceptualised and designed in collaboration with Hatch.




The ‘shapeless shape’, which is both the protagonist and the supporting cast in the films, is capable of taking any form. For this brand campaign, it navigates a host of everyday scenarios in a carnival in the form of a blob-shaped humanoid, often solving a problem by leveraging its ability to transform.




The Sahaj logo, which is an amalgamation of abstract shapes, inspired the form of the blobs. Abstract shapes, which signify ideas, people and technology of different shapes and sizes, are the building blocks of Sahaj’s brand identity system called Together We Create. These simple, fluid, free-flowing shapes come together and create a synergy that inspires brilliance.




With this campaign, Sahaj Software is embarking on a journey to carve a distinct identity for itself while staying true to the ethos of the brand. While the unique set of philosophies that drive work and culture at this organization will endure, their outward expression, much like the shapeless shapes, will keep evolving.




The brand campaign is live now across its digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Brand Assets


India, March 3, 2022