TCL Believes and Promotes Gender Equality for Sustainable Growth - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

TCL Believes and Promotes Gender Equality for Sustainable Growth

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From gender equality, to bridging the pay gap and becoming the voice for themselves women are doing wonders and making all of us proud in every walk of life. At TCL we look up to all our female counterparts as a source of empowerment and strength. 








There’s no doubt that women and their achievements should be celebrated every day but come March, we all gear up for an International Women’s Day that’s celebrated on March 8, every year. At TCL we strongly believe that by promoting gender equality in the corporate arena we can also contribute towards sustainable growth. Women are most prone to experience the adverse impact of climatic changes and they should become an essential part of leading and driving change in climate adaptation. 






The hurdles that women face in their everyday life while juggling up multiple roles and tasks, make them truly inspirational for others. Most of the women who are today leading various industries and brands from the front have faced rejections innumerable times and the amount of heartaches they have endured to stay true to their profession and personal lives makes them stronger and better beings.Today on the occasion of IWD we would like to stress the fundamental equality of men and women from a young age, while also emphasizing the importance of knowing yourself is where true progress for the future of our society can be achieved. 






From managing household chores to handling media professional media they have continuously been contributing towards brand building and growth of the org.  At TCL they strongly believe that women are better decision-makers as they have the ability to take decisions keeping in mind the conceptual as well as emotional outcomes. They look forward to incorporating more and more women into strategic positions and including them in the core decision-making process.