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Pataa – The Navigation App That Makes Address Finding Easy

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Pataa Navigations - A digital addressing app that aims to solve the poor addressing system in the worldPeople are now looking for home-grown applications as the Make in India project is catching up along with the ban on Chinese apps. Many apps that were highly used by the Indian audience belong to the category of Chinese applications, which the Indian government has banned. The Indian audience is now searching for similar apps made in India that are equally efficient.


One such example of an Indian app that has created a buzz amongst people is Pataa.


It is a complex task for most people, especially those with their residences in narrow passages or streets, to explain their exact address to delivery boys, cab drivers, relatives, or friends. But with the help of advancements and technology, the Pataa application has made this cumbersome task a lot easier. Launched in April 2020, this Indore-based start-up has found a permanent solution to the huge problem of explaining addresses.


This app has been thriving since the day it was launched. Within 15 days of its launch, it reached more than 2.5 lakh downloads, and the campaign received more than one crore views in a week.


Pataa provides great social-economic benefits to different people like retailers, wholesalers, government bodies, E-Commerce platforms, and people residing in remote or rural areas. This app has significantly made people’s lives easier by giving their homes a digital address that is easy to reach when shared. This application is of utmost significance when you have to go somewhere in case of an emergency, like an ambulance, fire brigade, and police services, to reach your address in emergencies.


This app helps convert the exact address into a unique short code, convenient to understand and easy to share.

Explaining addresses has been made easy with this app with its features like voice recording, tagging a landmark, sharing photos, and sharing addresses.


One of the most distinguished benefits of this app is that it has enabled people to name the unnamed streets in their locality. There are a lot of roads and localities in remote areas which are unidentified. Since these localities are not named, it is difficult for people to locate these areas. Still, this problem has now been solved by Pataa. Then app has also helped farmers procure loans, buy and sell land, and contact the nearest warehouses.


Another exciting feature of this application is live tracking which enables tracking visitors and delivery guys in real-time.


With a 3.7 rating on the Play Store, Pataa has 70 lakhs + downloads and is being appreciated by many people for its convenience in terms of explaining addresses.


Pataa is indeed a blessing for people who live in distant locations and have trouble explaining their addresses to people, especially during times of emergency. Moreover, some government apps can also be linked to this application. The schemes can be implemented more efficiently if every urban or rural area in this country has a digital address.