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Beat the summer and save energy big time with Somany Tempshield Tiles

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Somany Ceramics Limited an internationally acclaimed organization, specializing in ceramics and allied products segment, is known to be a leader in design & innovation. The brand continues with its legacy emphasizing, solution driven product features like newly added Somany Temp Shield Tiles.

Somany Temp Shield tiles are specially designed to make the Roof/Terraces, Pavements, Balconies, Exteriors facades, temperature friendly. Due to its high reflectance and emittance this tile will effectively reduce both surface temperature and inside room temperature thus not only it protects your building from damages due to high heat and saves energy thereby reducing high electricity cost due to low room temperature but also helps reducing carbon footprints by contributing to the environment

The Temp Shield tiles comes with Vitrified body which makes it highly durable and long lasting.

USP of Tempshiled

  • Effectively reduce temperature of surface thereby making inside room cooler.
  • Saves big on electricity by lowering energy demand.
  • Fights against UHIE “Urban Heat Island Effect” due to its high reflectance of sunlight & heat.
  • Protects your building from damage due to high heat conduction.
  • Contribute to Fight against global warming and saves environment.



 May 2022