CBREX empowers Talent sourcing firms of all sizes to harness the power of digitisation - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

CBREX empowers Talent sourcing firms of all sizes to harness the power of digitisation

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The Covid-19 pandemic underscored how technology is now the mainstay of every organisation’s operations. Digitisation has decisively impacted almost every facet of operations, changing work cultures for all time to come. Businesses are constantly looking for technologies that will not only set them apart, but also help them survive in the new normal.

Curiously though, the recruitment industry remains a laggard. Even as employee engagement, payroll management, and other functions moved into the digital realm, recruiting (for enterprises/employers as well as talent sourcing firms) remained largely traditional. 

The recruitment industry is characterised by a large number of small/single-person firms making it a highly competitive industry. This highly competitive environment presents challenges to both talent sourcing firms and employers. Talent sourcing firms and enterprises are keen to leverage technology to make the recruitment process more efficient. However, only a small number of larger talent sourcing firms have the resources to invest in embracing digitisation and technology, leaving most of the industry struggling.

CBREX makes all the difference here. CBREX facilitates seamless interaction between talent sourcing companies and enterprises/employers by offering a single platform for all interactions. Employers can post all their job openings on one platform, and talent sourcing firms and consultants can fill them on the same platform.

CBREX provides talent sourcing firms (of all sizes) with access to validated open requisitions from enterprise employers, including high margin international mandates and niche talent needs. Furthermore, CBREX enables enterprises to engage with hundreds of talent-sourcing firms to fulfill all their talent requirements - high volume, niche, hard-to-fill, and even international - with one invoice payable to CBREX. 

From onboarding reputable firms to setting up requirements screening criteria, to scoring resumes for fit, and helping recruiters schedule candidates for interviews, CBREX does it all. CBREX has helped over 100 companies close more than 2000 positions via the platform over the last 12 months.