COLORFUL Unveils Latest Battle-AX Memory and CN Series SSDs For Latest Generation CPU Platforms - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

COLORFUL Unveils Latest Battle-AX Memory and CN Series SSDs For Latest Generation CPU Platforms

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Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage, announces the new Battle-AX memory kits with support for the latest Intel platform, available in DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules. COLORFUL also launches two new CN Series NVMe SSDs in PCIe Gen4 and PCIe Gen3 interfaces.



The new memory and storage products aim to provide builders upgrading to the newer mainstream system platforms as well as older generation systems with DDR4 memory and PCIe Gen 3 M.2 SSD slots.



COLORFUL Battle-AX Memory for Mainstream Users


The COLORFUL Battle-AX DDR5 and DDR4 memory is perfect for mainstream users that plan to upgrade to the latest Intel platforms. The Battle-AX DDR5 memory sports a black heatspreader while the Battle-AX DDR4 sports a white heatspreader.



The Battle-AX DDR5 memory is available in 8GB and 16GB modules and frequencies of DDR5-4800 and DDR5-5200. The Battle-AX DDR4 memory is also available in 8GB and 16GB modules and frequencies of DDR4-3200 and DDR4-3600.



The Battle-AX DDR5 memory supports Intel XMP 3.0 for quick and easy memory overcloking via the BIOS. The COLORFUL Battle-AX Series memory is covered with 3-year warranty.




Battle-AX DDR5

Battle-AX DDR4


4800MHz, 5200MHz

3200MHz, 3600MHz

Single Module Capacity

8GB, 16GB

8GB, 16GB

CAS Latency


CL16, CL18





3 Years






COLORFUL introduces two new CN Series NVMe SSDs designed for desktops and laptops – the CN700 PCIe Gen4 SSD and CN600 Pro PCIe Gen 3 SSD. The CN700 features the PCIe Gen 4 interface and the latest NVMe controller, delivering speeds of up to 5,000MB/s read and 4,500MB/s write. The CN700 is available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities. The CN700 is also compatible with the PlayStation 5 console.


COLORFUL also introduces the CN600 Pro with PCIe Gen 3 interface. Reaching the upper limit of the Gen 3 interface, the CN600 Pro delivers speeds of up to 3,400MB/s read and 3,100MB/s write – impressive speeds for older systems with PCIe Gen 3 support only. The CN600 Pro is available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities.


The CN700 and CN600 Pro are backed with a three-year limited warranty.





CN600 Pro


PCIe Gen 4

PCIe Gen 3

Read Speed

Up to 5000MB/s

Up to 3400MB/s

Write Speed

Up to 4500MB/s

Up to 3100MB/s


512GB, 1TB, 2TB

256GB, 512GB, 1TB


3 Years




Pricing and Availability

The COLORFUL Battle-AX DDR5 and DDR4 memory, CN700 SSD, and CN600 Pro SSD are now available in partner retailers. See pricing below.



Battle-AX Memory

Battle-AX DDR5-5200 16GB (Single): $99.9

Battle-AX DDR5-4800 16GB (Single): $79.9

Battle-AX DDR4-3600 8GBx2: $89.9

Battle-AX DDR4-3200 8GBx2: $79.9



CN Series SSD

CN700: $69.9 (512GB), $99.9 (1TB), $199.9 (2TB)

CN600 Pro: $35.9 (256GB), $59.9 (512GB), $79.9 (1TB)



For more information, please visit the product page links below:

Battle-AX DDR5 Memory:


Battle-AX DDR4 Memory:



Now avaible on the COLORFUL Aliexpress Official Store:

CN700 PCIe Gen 4 SSD:


CN600 Pro PCIe Gen 3 SSD:



October 31st, 2022 Mumbai, India