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Revamp Moto to accelerate its EV Production in India

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Revamp Moto on boards Panache as their contract manufacturer to assemble its Electric Vehicles with an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles



Modular Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Revamp Moto, today announced Panache, a reputed public limited organization specializing in design, manufacturing, distribution and services of ICT & IoT devices as their Contract Manufacturer for EVs. Through this alliance with Revamp Moto, Panache will make its foray into the Indian EV market and will assemble indigenously made in India EVs for Revamp Moto at its facility in Bhiwandi, Mumbai.



This new association will see Revamp Moto showcase a strong concept of modularity in EVs that can be a game changer in the EV ecosystem of India. Panache will support this effort by bringing to the table, two decades of experience in contract manufacturing. This will benefit Revamp to assemble and build EVs that highlight the revolutionary concept of 'Modular Utility Platforms' which are made with the motto of 'built to adapt'.



The association will see each party focus on building their own strengths with Revamp Moto working on new product development (NPD), Research and Development (R&D), new technologies, and generating IPs. This leaves Panache to focus on quality product assembly, process optimization, and indigenization of components. This union will see both Revamp and Panache focus on specific domains to indigenize EV manufacturing and the assembly of these products would not just bring a great deal of transparency but also speed up the process significantly.

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Nasik, October 31, 2022